A Series About A Story Too Awesome To Tell In One Page

"Cool" dramatic phrase to get the reader interested in the rest of this series. This may even be a prologue to the series or *gasp* the beginning!

Mysterious Title That May Or May Not Be The Title Restated Again

The Title Sounds Somewhat Interesting, But It Sucks To Be You Because This Link Will Always Be Broken!

Confusing Title For A Confusing Chapter Full Of Nothing That Makes Sense Because You Missed Important Plot Information From The Last Story!

Title That Lets You Know This Is Just a Filler Chapter To Give Tons Of Important Information, But Absolutely Nothing Happens Except Someone Dies! Basically, The Sixth Harry Potter Book, Holders Style

Another Broken Link, But This Time, The Title Is Boring!

The Final Dungeon If This Was A Legend Of Zelda Game. This Chapter Ends With A Cliffhanger

Epic, Dramatic Title That Does The Same Thing The First Chapter Did And Include Some Element From The Title And Cleverly Hides That This Ending Is A Complete Disappointment!

Epilogue That Explains Absolutely Nothing!

There may or may not be a footer. This footer will either state "This x is the yth object out of 538. Philosophical phrase or question?" or a phrase repeated several times in the story!

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