Liam Sera woke up in the Wisconsin Children’s hospital bed. He hadn’t been asleep long, he didn’t think. Or had he? The first thing he realized when he woke up was that his body was very heavy, more heavy than what it was when he fell asleep. He could barely move his feet, actually, he couldn’t move his feet, he tried to wiggle his big toe but to no avail. He squinted and moved his eyes to the right of him. At least he could move those, he glanced outside.

Christ how long had he slept? There wasn’t a building there when he fell asleep.

Liam looked around for his mom.

She wasn’t there. The room was dark. He was able to part his mouth, making it easier to breathe, he took a big gasp in, and noticed movement to the side of him, this time when he looked he was able to move his neck an inch. Progress. Beside him residing on a stand was a computer-looking device that read his heartbeat. Wow, Liam thought those only existed in movies. It went beep every two seconds. He assumed that was good.

He took another deep breath in an the little blips on the chart spiked with his heart flutter. It was amusing to see for him, after all, it seemed like the only bit of light in this otherwise dark room. He heard a creaking followed by the telltale sounds of footsteps. Liam smiled at the thought of seeing his mommy. He was able to move his lips, too. He didn’t know why this had happened to him the last thing he remembered was… well, nothing. He couldn’t even remember why he was in the hospital in the first place, he must have bumped his head. It would be okay, his mommy would be here shortly, and she’d make things alright.

Surprise in his eyes when, instead of the plump figure his mother carried, a slim figure in a nurses outfit came around the curtain. She held in her hand a clipboard and pen, muttering to herself. She stood at the foot of Liam’s bed, the darkness wrapped around her face, it was too dark to make out any distinctive features. she took a glance at Liam, muttered about the darkness and disappeared behind the curtain again. Liam’s heart sank, the only company he had gotten since he woke up was now gone and the darkness replaced her presence as if she was never even there.

He turned his head back to the bleeper, that is what he had dubbed the machine that displayed his vitals, and was about to inhale once again when the darkness was replaced with white. Not even light, just white. His eyes burned and he thrashed as much as he could manage, which was a mere jerk of the neck a few inches. His eyes remained open, the light blaring into them before Liam shut them tight, that’s when he realized that his eyes were closed, and that the light was so bright that it even bore through his eyelids.

He heard a scream from the foot of his bed, his eyes snapped open and his constricted pupils could make out the figure of a woman, the nurse, a silhouette of black against a white abyss, drop her clipboard as she stared horrifyingly at him. He jerked his head up, the sudden burst of movement made him super dizzy. Liam didn’t know if it was the motion that did it, or if it was the sudden shock of the scream that the lady provided, but it was somewhere around that time that Liam passed out.

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