Balance in Mind

Continued from Featherweight Equal

It was hard for Devaide to continue his mental state without outbursts. After five years of having two entities in his mind he was already beginning to feel the affects. Occasionally Devaide would get violent toward Legion, or toward anyone he could get his hands on. Other times he’d simply weep uncontrollably. Legion often used the Objects power to keep Devaide sane, but he knew in time that would also drive him mad. The man was at a horrible state of mind. The thought of having two separate entities with two personalities mashed hastily into one mind and soul already made me sad. The fact that it had to happen to two innocent boys was something entirely… Unbalanced.

Nevertheless, Devaide was who he is now because the Holder of Legion cannot be left mortal. Legion may be both a Holder and an Object, but he was also Human, a Seeker who had to witness his friend slowly slip into dementia.

“I told you so, Balance. We both knew this was going to happen before it did, you condemned him to this fate, Balance, not I. Don’t come pouting to me with your anger, when you’re the one to blame.”

“All I ask of you, Yochanan, is for you to make it right. Devaide doesn’t deserve the fate you inflicted upon him. Michael and Victor are good friends, they will need help becoming the same person if Devaide is to keep existing.”

“I fail to understand where this is my problem.”

“Do you want me to make it your problem, Yochanan?”

“And how would you go about doing that; even if you could kill me what would it do? Nothing. And as of now you’ve signed away your power over me. Don’t think deals with me are easy things to back out of.”

“Then what do you want this time?”

“The aforementioned deal, in writing. I find things hold stronger in writing, makes my acquisitions easier.”

The process was irreversible, Devaide couldn’t be separated into Michael and Victor and placed back in a more fashionable sense and the devastation the body’s physical brain would be catastrophic. When they got back in the body it would be unlikely they would be capable of even basic motor functions. However, there was another option, far better than slipping into a chaotic mind. There was a downside; it required Yochanan to directly access Devaide’s. The Devil’s Grin was brutal and cruel to the mind on the physical plane but on a mental level… But as Dallas watched him from afar as he walked calmly into a Fast food place and brutally assaulted the cook, then fled by foot back to Legion’s hideout he knew what had to be done.

Dallas sighed and closed the liquid like apparition he used as his looking glass. Devaide needed structure, regardless of its source.

“Yochanan is coming in Legion, I ask that you show restraint. He is here to assist Devaide.”
“Legion, I remember when I was the one who's every word you'd kneel to, when
I was the force you daren't recon with."
“Silence you insolate worm! If Balance wasn’t here I’d rend your puny arms from that empty husk you call a body!”
“You've had your pet, what, five years now? I'd think you'd have it better trained.”

As Yochanan laid his hands on either side of Devaide’s head, his face lit up with dark glee. Dallas looked at him in disgust, but there were necessary evils, things which had to be done to maintain the Balance.

“Yochanan has his... powers and many are of the mind. He is capable of working dark acts across the psychoscape; maintaining control over other minds as well as his own. We’re going to use this ability to keep one of your minds dormant inside Devaide while the other one takes over. This will hopefully prevent you going mad, Devaide. Every fifty years, Yochanan will assert himself over you again to alternate your personalities. It's important you two share Devaide, understand?”

Devaide nodded, twice.

Yochanan's eyes snapped shut suddenly and he began to murmur strange things under his breath: dark, confused and muddled phrases. It took Dallas a second to realise that he was sorting out Victor from Michael, disentangling their thoughts.

Suddenly Devaide seized up and a shrill laugh escaped Yochanan’s lips. Devaide flung himself away from Yochanan to huddle in a corner, breathing heavily. His back moved up and down, in time with his inhaling and exhaling. He turned to face them. Dallas could in his eyes that it had worked. Those eyes were bloodshot, and the iris was deep grey. Almost rotten and glassed over.

He knew whose eyes those belonged to, they were Doom’s eyes.

Continues in Weakness
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