Balancing Emptiness

“I have been searching for you, Yochanan.”
“Please, call me Jack. Why are you looking for little old me?”
“You corrupted Legion, who now wishes to bring them together.”
“It's been done before, they say. It will be nice to see what happens after all this. Besides, that was years ago, much before you were born.”
“I cannot let that happen; they must never come togeather.”
“Have we met before? Yes... that cloak rings a bell. I wonder where... wait. You’re
his boy! The one he was looking for! You're not worth me wasting my voice; talk to Legion if you need to talk.”
“In due time, Yochanan.”

Although Balance's powers were supposedly limitless, he couldn’t stop remembering their encounter. He was the Yin to the entire Yang, and he was Good to all Evil, He is the Balance. Which is why he should be able to equalize this realm. He is able to invoke good deeds and to prevent further chaos. Yet he couldn't bring an end to Yochanan. He tried. He couldn't, there was nothing to balance. The man was hollow through and through, and Dallas couldn't balance emptyness. He has no soul to tear out, no body to maim. All Balance succeeded in doing was sending him back to Hell, which wasn't all that bad, considering the other things Yochanan had been through. And for how long? A few years? Days? How long before one of the Gods of the Underworld release him? Yochanan doesn’t even take orders from Satan, nor from Hades, Diablo, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles or Set. In fact, it seems quite the opposite. They keep a suite open for him, just incase he decides to stop by. Almost as if the Gods are... threatened, by him.

Some Gods they are.

“You’re the Balance, aren’t you?”
“That is true, Yochanan, I am the Balance.”
“Then I assume you think that I am setting that off? Isn’t that why you are here?”
“Interesting. You know... once upon a time I had morals and a goal like you. But that all changed...

“A man came to me. He said I wasn’t who he was waiting for. Yet the world was too bright then; the good out weighed the wrong... In a way, we're a lot alike, wouldnt you say?

Dallas even, for a short time, had to come face to face with his corruption - the offspring of his offspring, if you could have called him that. More like Bastard child of a tortured and raped woman. Jon. Balance had to stop him, he had to undo what had been done to him. Try as he did, though, in the end Balance was only able to prevent him doing what he had planned, he was able to stop him from killing innocent those people, one time. There were so many would would have been affected. Balance stopped him; he kept the evil at bay. But that was merely Yochanan’s handiwork. The payoff of years of Yochanan's experimenting and toying with mortal lives. He'd spoke to many, many Holders, and the ones who can talk all say the same thing; the world was a better place before Yochanan was in it.

Which was enough motivation to rid the world of him.

“Who’re you going for after me? Legion? Will you go after the Objects?"
“No, the Objects, Holders, and Seekers all equalize each other, like three equal legs to a stool. You, however, have stolen something that was once dear to a good friend of mine...”
“Ahh… Him.”

Yochanan has corrupted Holders, and in doing so making their Objects just as corrupt. Balance feared he will soon be forced to destroy some of them, the objects. In doing so, however, he would cause the Seekers to hate him, the Holders to fear and resent him, and the Objects themselves to reject him. He would have to maintain the balance alone, which he simply cannot do. So, instead, he tried to vanquish Yochanan, striking him with some of his power, like showing a card trick to a magician; sending him back to the pits of Hell. You want to know what he said while Tatruras swallowed him up?

He told Dallas he liked his style.

Narcissistic bastard.

”You know, you aren’t all goodness. There will be good times in your life to offset with bad, right to cancel with wrong. Just ignore me, let me be the darkness. It will make my job easier.”
“You know nothing of my purpose, Yochanan. Ready for Death.”
“Toomin, Alltronah, Chumunt-ra, Spectrum!”
“Nice nursery rhyme, what does it mean?”
“"Open the gates, you have a visitor, now!"”
“What gates?”
“The ones beneath your feet, about to engulf you, Yochanan.”
“... haha! I like your style, Balance.”

Continued in Legion of Balance.

Part of The Balance Saga.
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