Balancing Thought

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The world will be mine. I will consume it in slow steady gulps. Everything; Legion, Devaide, your friends and family, I'll even scrape out the last little bits of Yochanan. Then I will devour you. Slowly.

It is my duty to make sure that does not happen.


Dallas hadn’t told anyone about the thoughts, the intrusions into his mind. He had become weary and needed rest, although sleep was a human trait, one that he had no benefit from, Dallas did value my time alone. Although today he wasn’t alone, Devaide was with him, and Dallas allowed the feeling of awareness to pass over them. His friend appreciated the feeling, but Dallas needed to use it. Find out where he was to next do his duty. However every time he let himselfself slip into it, Dallas felt pulled back by Essum and his consistent taunting.

Dallas questioned telling Devaide; if there was anyone he could trust it was him.

Yes, it is. I will not allow the realms to become so unbalanced.

Unbalanced? No. Life is unbalance. If everyone dies there will be no more evil, no more good. Zero on either side. Then there will be balance, and I will get to eat.

Nothing you can say will turn me, Essum.

Who said anything about turning you?

Dallas sat on a piece of stone from Legion’s fortress, it protruded about seven feet from the face of the cavern, made of the blue rock, it was just big enough that Dallas could sit and not have to try and steady myself. He let his legs dangle off edge; thousands of feet separated him from a rocky, and jagged, cavern floor. Devaide sat beside him, knowing legion would not let him die.

That was Doom’s revenge; Legion needed him now, and Balance knew somewhere in Devaide’s mind, Doom was taking it all in and laughing at the irony.

It was a shame Dallas had to do what he did. Devaide’s mind will eventually turn on itself; he will clutch his head and begin shrieking as he goes mad with multiple influences and different opinions in his own mentality. He will bang his head into walls, claw at his eyes, and tear at his ears... anything to make the confusion and the pandemic in his mind stop. It never will, and maybe Doom will once again wind up in an institution, in a straight jacket, in a room with padded walls.

That won’t be for a while however, a long while, and while his sanity was still intact, Dallas wanted him to be as blissful and content as possible.

Then why are you doing this?

Because I know you'll try and stop my feeding. Try and stop the brief chaos that will erupt as everything is extinguished.

The end will not come, Edo Edi Essum. The Heavens and the Hells will remain at war, but they will not shape humanity. The Holders and the Seekers will continue their struggle, but one man will never possess them all. I promise, I will not allow the realms to slip into pandemonium.

The end will not come? Then what am I?

Everyone who could stop them was there, in Legion’s realm. One way in, nobody could do anything without Dallas' knowing. Not only that, but he had a clear space, he could pinpoint events and people who were significantly affecting the balance and deal with them accordingly, without all the superficial noise of the minor malicious acts committed by humans in their every day lives.

Everyone was there, Legion, the lord of the missing and forgotten objects, once serpentine and twisted was now more of his old self, gentle and whole hearted. However, the less time Yochanan spent around him the better. Already Dallas could feel Legion’s soul becoming slightly fouler every time The Hollow One neared too close, his emptiness seemed to rub off on people. Yochanan still made Dallas uneasy, but he informed him, he 'had no evil intent', and wanted to help. Of course his words were mere lies and blasphemy, Yochanan always had a secret agenda; however, he had aided them in the past and as much as Dallas loathed admitting it, he trusted him.

That left Devaide, and after Yochanan had his revolting feed on Pessum Ire’s corpse, (an undertaking which seemed unnecessary, as he could survive on no sustenance and preferred human food,) Balance and Devaide talked up on the ledge for what seemed like hours.

All of them were here for one reason:
Stopping the end from coming.

I will stop you.

You might, Balance, you might. But what would happen if you did? Surely, then, there would be unbalance. Darkness would be vanquished, but then light would rule. And you know what you must do then, don't you, Balance? You will have to take my place. Can you do it? All the lives you've saved, can you extinguish them? All the darkness and hatred and evil you've banished, can you bring it back? Can you watch innocents writhe in agony as the world around you burns by your own hand? I will be watching, Balance.
I will be laughing.

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