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This is the Featured Stories list, a collection of stories deemed "well written" by the Holders community. Reading through them will give you a good idea of the gems in the Holders stories. Better yet some may inspire you to write, or even right better!

Remember to also check up on the Guidelines for more help before you write a story, it can really save some time editing and allow for better critique of the work you post!

If you wish to add a story to this list. Simply add:
 [Category:Featured Stories] 

And add one more square bracket on each end.

Be advised that I (Arca) will be checking in on the stories periodically to ensure that they are of the right quality.

If you are new to The Holders and wish to write one, the following stories are great examples of what to do.

Finally, Stories in this category are under protection, and should not be edited without good reason.

Articles in Featured Stories

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