No doubt you have heard of the Black King's sword, foolish seeker. Oh, you have not? Leave, and do not return until you have completed your research, lest I tear you asunder from whence you stand. You see, foolish seeker, unbeknownst to you and your colleagues, there are various Items of Power scattered throughout the various universes that comprise reality. And yes, some have even been banished into the Void. These Items are similar to the Objects in many ways, but they also differ from the Objects in many ways. Created with only a single purpose in mind, these Items are lightly slumbering until the next time blood is spilled on their account.

You may try to locate these Items, seeker...but know that there are no Holders guarding these Items, no knowledge of their whereabouts, and the memory of these Items is fading from even Their minds. You may spend an eternity roaming the universe, searching for the Items, seeker, yet you will never even come upon the whispers of one. They diligently await for their respective master's return. I know not beyond that, however, it is said that once The Reunion nears, the Items will awake from their eternal slumber, and clash once again, like the days of yore.

You may ask, why am I telling you this? Why am I troubling you with unattainable...treasures, let us say? That will come in due time, seeker, in due time.

Now sit, foolish seeker, and hear the first tale, the tale of The Seed of Corruption. Well, it is not much of a tale, rather more like a description. Most of the details have been lost through the Eons, it is up to you to take what you will from it.

They say after the chaos of the first Gathering, when the universe was remaking itself, there was a spot that just would not heal like the others. It was pitch black, and what you would describe as space-time was highly convoluted and deformed near this...shall we say, anomaly. Your modern scientists may describe such a thing as a black hole, yet it was anything but one. I would say It was half your size, seeker. None of Them gave It much thought, that is, until It collided with a planet. What happened next even disturbed Him to His core.

Before this...let us call it "incident," the planet was vibrant, full of life, and even had several civilizations developing. When the "incident" occurred, black tendrils shot all across the planets surface, the life energy was drained out of all life forms, and even the planet itself lost its color, becoming a grey, withered husk after the process was complete. Yet, what was most unsettling, was the speed by which it killed the planet. All it took was a few minutes to destroy what had taken many millennia to create.

That planet was the first of many to fall to Its ravenous hunger. They, fearing Its hunger, banished it to the Void, where it can consume no longer. Some say the banishment could not work entirely on such a...foreign entity. Some say it is the seed that created Edo Edi Essum. Others say that that is Edo Edi Essum's true form. All I know is, we may never know what entity controlled It, or whether It did indeed have a master.

All I know is, if The Seed of Corruption should return, even He will fear Its wrath.

(Continued in Death)
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