(Continued from Corruption)

Hmm...I see you have returned, foolish seeker. I see you have questions on the first tale. I am not the one to answer them. What, do you wish to learn more? Very well then, take a seat, and listen closely, for I am beginning the tale of the Horseman of Death.

You may ask yourself, "The Horseman of Death, that sounds like a conscious entity. How can that be an Item?" I assure you, no entity could do what it was able to do. Well, he was one of Them, in ages past. Yet his soul was corrupted, twisted into something unrecognizable and monstrous. He then imposed exile on himself, and when he returned, nothing was prepared for the destruction It wrought.

It became the vessel for the very spirit of Death itself.

No one knew whose orders It followed; nobody knew whose name It called master. When It appeared on a world, well, you would pray to whatever deity you call God that It was not on your world. Entire planets were mobilized, entire armies were slain as if they were ants. Billions died from Its blade.

It was unstoppable. Even Their legions were slaughtered by Its hands. Until one day, It appeared before a young boy. It slew his family, then disappeared. The only trace of Its existence was a Mark left on that young boy, and Its sword, that it mysteriously left behind. Whoever tried to wield the sword was immediately immolated in black flames, except for the boy. That boy disappeared shortly after that revelation, never to be seen or heard from again.

There is much speculation about who that boy would grow up to be, and the vestigial powers left in Its sword. Some say he became the Black King, and imparted some of Its sword's powers to create the Black King's sword. Some say he is in another dimension following the orders of Its original master.

What do I believe? What I believe is that the boy is still here, in this very universe. He is merely waiting for the Sword's master to return. Every cell in his body looks forward to that day. I believe he will attempt to acquire his vengeance. I believe he will be either slain or corrupted by It.

I know even He will fear the return of the Horseman of Death and his apprentice.

(Continued in Life)
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