If I keep it. He'll be mad.

So I'll give it away.

But if I give it away, that person might use it.

So I'll trash it.

But if I trash it, They will find it.

So I'll hide it.

But if I hide it THEY will come get it.

So I wwill useit.


i will use it

he will find me

but i will be strong

so he'll kncok on the door

i already hear him

then he will climbs the stairs

i bite down

he will find me

i bite HARDER

hes coming

i taste blood

almost there

i close my eyes

scratchin at mydoor

my backs hurting

i hear screams

my bones changin

door opens

skin rippring

he looks at me i cant see but i know hes looking at me i cant see but i feel it

i open my eyes i see black i see oil i c blod i see u i c nothing but i c everything

I am Safe.

come find me

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