Equal and Opposite

Continues from Essum in Balance

Balance couldn’t see Shelby anymore; everything was more or less a blur as he ducked Essum’s bony arms. Essum had landed a blow only once, it froze Dallas' skin where it touched, but worse than that; he felt what it did to his soul His mere touch burned Dallas to the core, not just in a frost bite that chilled the bone, but he felt Essum take part of his very being with him. Almost as if he devoured it with his hands. Essum was fast, just as fast as Balance was, the only reason Balance continued to fight was due to the Brace. Balance's cloak seemed to flow around Essum hands, avoiding them completely even when he struck; in many cases Balance even felt the cloak pull him to the side or force him to duck, good old cloak.

“You could no more evade my wrath,” Said Edo Edi Essum, with his voice like a million monotone and pain-filled screams, “Than you could your own shadow.”

“You are not as daunting as you believe, Edo Edi Essum,” Balance lied.

“Tell me then, Balance, why do you run from my hunger? Embrace me, become one with all the rest. With our combined power, we could consume everything, it all, forever. It can be glorious! This planet like the one before it, and then the rest for eternity we shall consume and rule and all shall fear the name Equal Essum.”

“Is that what you would call yourself when you ate me? ‘Equal Essum?’ How long have you fantasized about that, Edo Edi Essum?”

“Why do you think I convinced Infectus to bring us here?”

Don’t listen to his words, Dallas! They are nothing but ploy and blasphemies. He had said the same in the battle we raged.
You two have fought? And you survived? Who is this and how are you talking in my mind?
All questions will be answered in time, you need to focus on beating him before he lands anymore hits on you, for they indeed drain you of your soul, and each time he makes contact he draws from your soul and your power. Defeat him quickly, Send him back to me.
You have faced him before and you survived, you can tell me how to best him cant you?
Balance, I didn’t survive.

Balance ducked again, and tried swiping at his chest with both his original weapon made from the Objects and the Black King’s Sword, he had picked up and dropped both weapons several times trying to dodge Essum's blows. The swing struck Essum, it made contact with something, but Edo Edi Essum did not falter. It was as if it wasn’t him Balance had struck.

“You cannot kill what has no life, Balance.”


Balance wasn’t fast enough, Essum's hand clutched the Balance's shoulder, searing frost up his arm and making him feel like he was drained of will, mind and soul. Essum's touch was like death itself, but worse, any death would be infinitely more desirable to being a part of that creature. Edo Edi Essum threw Balance across the tower roof, he rolled to try and absorb the contact with the ground, it didn’t help, he just bounced along the stone until he slid to a stop. Edo Edi Essum drifted toward him, and behind him Dallas could see Shelby, she was unconscious, she must have passed out, good, he wouldn’t want her to witness what was about to happen to him.

In that moment he felt death creep upon him; however, Balance stood anyhow, the Brace of Submission was to thank for that, keeping him fighting. He remembered how he came to be here, staggering upright in front of the most horrible beast imaginable. The tests Dallas faced for the Objects, the meeting with Factions, asking The End about what happens when they come togeather, twice. Everything, including how much he loved Shelby, and how much he was letting the world down was sent into the unorganized pandemonium that was Balance's mind at the moment.

He was standing again, holding the Black King’s sword with two arms, the chain connecting the Brace and the White King’s Blade had long since shattered, The white King’s Sword lay on the ground a mere few feet away, but Balance didn’t dare take his eyes off Edo Edi Essum for long enough to retrieve it.

Perhaps this in an opportunity to undo more than one wrong; the Black King’s Sword is what the Holders call a Hedroth-Tulan an Object like the others, that only exists as a byproduct of another Object, they banish them to the Void, however once in awhile they do surface, and must be destroyed.
I’m more concerned about the bastard creature in front of me at the moment, but thank you, voice.
It’s Taz.
My name; it’s Tazmaran

Balance found enough energy to whirl around and swing the Black King’s Sword around toward Edo Edi Essum’s ‘face’ again the blow did nothing but wisp the smoke around his body. Edo moved again, with Yochanan’s speed, and grabbed Balance's shoulder. Balance fell to my knees, screaming. He felt his cloak squirm also, as if it too was in pain. Edo Edi Essum's boney arm was digging its fingers into Dallas' flesh. He looked at it, he felt it, and he hated it.

Felt it.

Balance raised his blade and brought it down at an awkward angle toward Essum’s forearm, much longer than anything it should have been, it was an easy target. The blade bounced off the appendage, cracking the bones it collided with. Finally, a target Balance could physically attack had presented itself. Edo Edi Essum grunted and staggered back.

Balance picked up both blades in his hands, and, using all but the last of his strength, struck Edo Edi’s Arm with both edges, the Black King’s Sword rattled off the bone, it was never made to war with another entity of darkness, and like giving a lightbulb too much electricity, the Black King's Sword finally gave weigh to the amount of damage it took and it snapped in two. Edo Edi Essum's arm shattered also, bone splinters going all over the rock. This time the beast shrieked, it could feel pain, it had a weakness, it could be beaten. Balance found a new source of energy, in the slightest possibility of hope the human instinct in him kicked in.

That is, until the shriek turned into a cold, mocking laughter.

I tried that, too.
God Damnit, Taz, you had to have come at least close to defeating him. How do I do it?
That is up to you, he must be balanced, not just beaten, Send him back to me.
Wait, your-
Yes, Dallas, I am you… I am your predecessor... I am the first Balance.

Edo Edi Essim's arm seemed to grow back in place, as if the bone on the ground wasn’t his at all. He mocked Balance with his heartless laughter as, before his eyes, Edo's arm grew back. It seemed as if He took lessons from Yochanan on how to laugh; because it was just as cold and horrifying as the Hollow Man’s and then some. At least Edo Edi Essum didn’t have the eyes Jack Empty had.

“Alas, Balance, I grow bored of our endeavor, if you will not do your best, I will end this quickly.”

“You keep saying that, Edo Edi Essum.”

Edo moved toward Balance again, this time catching him completely off guard and wrapping his too-long fingers around his neck. Balance gasped as he felt the life leave him. Not just from lack of breath, but from the depravation of spirit and soul. Dallas got weaker and weaker as the Consumer squeezed tighter and tighter. This was it, he was going to die here, Edo Edi essum was going to take Balance's power and he was going to end all things. It was Dallas' fault that Edo would consume everything.

“I am but darkness, the unknowable which proceeds creation. How do you kill that which was not created, which has no life? How do you kill something that you cannot touch?"
“Tach… Fa.. Falsh… Ton… Tonah.”

Balance opened his palm and slammed the Tach Falsh Tonah into Essum’s body. This time he roared, feeling real pain.

Dallas collapsed to the ground, wheezing and shaking; he couldn’t breathe yet alone think about standing and continuing to fight. He spat up blood, it warmed his throat a bit and made it easier to breathe. Balance looked up at his opponent, Edo Edi Essum smoking more than usual, his soul draining from him. Balance should have thought of the Tach Falsh Tonah the moment Essum mentioned the word ‘spirit’ but he was glad he did now.

“I might not be able to harm you... But you have taken from this world of life and death. Of beginings and ends. And that is what I shall end!”

The Brace allowed Dallas to stand yet again, The Toga of the Gods shawn luminously in the sinking light that was the dusk of this place. It was as though the Tower was forever in a sunset; the orange hue fell upon everything. However the Toga (absorbed by Balance's cloak) shined with a white light, countering that of Edo Edi Essum’s dark aura. Balance looked upon him, he was standing once more. This time slowly; not like Yochanan at all, but more like a mortal. A wounded mortal.

“How is it possible?” he asked.

“It is possible, Edo Edi Essum, because I fight with something you don’t understand. Something you will never even begin to comprehend. No matter how many souls you eat, no matter how many bodies you disembowel, you will never grasp the concept of the things I fight for. You are nothing but filth, Edo Edi Essum, purely unbalanced mess of hatred. You fight for hunger and for hatred; your hatred is equal to that of which I fight for, something that you will never experience.”

“That I know nothing of, Dallas? You barely know this thing you fight and you claim to hold something beyond my understanding? What thing do you speak of?"

“Love, Edo Edi Essum, I fight for love.”

Good show, Dallas, now, rend his souls away and send him back to me, I will keep him at bay for eternity if I must, so he shall never harm another soul again.

You would do that?

It is our duty to uphold the balance, Dallas, you know that. I’d do anything to keep the realms equalized. Furthermore, I was in love once, too, and She is now nothing of what I came to adore... I know what it’s like to loose the thing you love the most, and Edo Edi Essum will pay for his blaspamys to not only you, but to everything and everyone he’s ever hurt.

“Tach Falsh Tonah,” Balance muttered to himself, as the glowing orbs appeared in his hands yet again. Balance hurtled one at Edo’s shoulder, it sent him spinning to the ground, the black smoke rising from his ‘body’ as more and more souls escaped from his entity. Balance could feel Edo's power shrinking. He took the last Spirit bomb he had in his hands and he tore it; making two smaller ones around his fists. Balance approached Edo Edi Essum and knelt down over him, he struggled on the ground.

“I will return, Balance, I will return when they all come together. And I will pillage and eat and destroy all lands in all realms.”

“When you do, Edo Edi Essum, I will be there to balance you.”

He shoved his hands into Edo's chest, the Tach Falsh Tonah allowing Balance to grab not flesh but soul, and rend a majority Edo Edi Essum’s souls from his body.

Edo shook violently on the ground. Unable to move.

“Sannanah, grator ammunthah lithutal-chewnit.”

Balance drew an imaginary circle around Edo Edi Essum’s frail figure and muttered the incantation. He sat for a moment, and Balance caught a glimpse of his twisted face before he fell through the portal and it closed up around him.

Edo Edi Essum, the Consumer of all, was gone. Banished to the past to do battle with the first Balance forever. Shelby was unconcious and so was the reminant of what was Infectus. Sitting down cross-legged, he took a moment to let out a heave and relax. For the first time since he had aquired his title as The Balance, Dallas felt like he had peace.

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