Essum in Balance

Continued from Weakness

Balance grabbed the blade; it was a last attempt to stop his impending death. He had been bested, and through all his power, The Balance couldn’t stop Essum from outdoing him. Physically, Essum was stronger, mentally he was more stable and magic wise he was Dallas' superior also. He probably had this planned for years, Balance thought himself arrogant, to think that he could walk in and destroy him. Whatever Edo Edi Essum did to Edo Infectus, it made him more powerful in an inclusive sense than Balance ever was. He was sure if he had more time to practice, train his new powers, he'd have been able to defeat Essum easily. But he'd only been who he was for a decade, Edo Edi Essum and Infectus are at least ten thousand years Balance's elder, experience served them all the well. And so, in a feeble attempt to stop his demise, Balance grabbed Essum's blade.
It stopped.
But not because of his hand.
Essum had used his other hand to lock onto his wrist. Immediately Balance sensed turmoil within his mind, he lifted the sword away from his face, standing as he did. Essum stumbled back, still gripping his wrist. Dallas saw confusion and anger in his eyes, not like there was much of anything to see. Balance forced his way deeper into Essum's mind.

Look at what has become of me. I am not this demon. I am not Essum. I will not allow you to control me any longer! Get out of me head! Get OUT NOW!
Worry not for him, Balance, the holder I sent visited you. Essum is not only made of Edo Edi and Infectus, there is another soul, much deeper within Infectus. One still Human, and therefore, capable of compassion. That is what stopped him from slaying you, him and his compassion.

Essum began to tear himself apart, screaming as he did so. He began to rend his pale, bonelike almost plastic skin from his face, Balance wondered briefly is he even felt pain, apparently not, as he continued to rip himself to literal shreds. Each piece of skin-carapace-whatever slapped to the ground and quickly seemed to squirm like a worm into the cracks in the floor. And as Essum continued to rip his body into pieces, Balance felt something grow inside of him. Something he never thought he could feel in a being such as Essum.
Something inside Essum, inside Infectus, was human enough to remember what love felt like, and Balance knew that that is what drove him. He then stopped briefly and looked at the flaming orb in his ribcage. He dove his hand into his chest and touched it, this time his scream was loud and not to be outdone. That was real pain. He saw Essum look at me for a moment, and tare into his chest again, this time firmly grabbing the orb and squeezing it.

Send him back to me, Dallas! Once the division is complete, you will have your chance at the true face of wrong. Essum is not going to be your problem for long, Balance, all you need to do is sit back and wait.
“Who are you?”
I am we, for we are one and the same. Tied through purpose, separated by time. Send Edo Edi Essum back to me, Balance. Send him back and I shall equal him.

Essum began to combust, his flesh and skin looked like they simply smoldered away from his body as the ashes found their hiding places in the floor. He screamed in agony and rage a last time as he wrenched the orb from his chest. The orb’s flame grew more exuberant, and hovered in place while Essum’s tortured body collapsed to the ground. Balance walked over to him, raising his weapon and holding it adjacent to the fallen "man's" neck.
“Who are you?” Balance asked of him, more like an order than an actual question.
“I… am not your primary concern right now…”
He looked at something behind Balance, and from the ash and flesh and the fire from the orb a figure beginning to build, as the pieces rushed together Balance whirled to face it.
Edo Edi Essum.
“The Consumer, so we meet at last.”
“You are but my meal, my sustenance that is still breathing.”
“Devour me then, Edo Edi Essum.”
He tried, his smoky body and too-long skeletal arms slashed for me, He was as fast as a shadow when the light shined upon an object. It was as though he moved none, and then stuck with unseeable speed. Very much like somebody else Balance knew. His legless body ended in a black smoke, making it impossible for me to attack his legs at all. Balance swung with the Black King’s Sword he still had in his hands. Surprisingly, the blade went right through Edo Edi Essum's body, it was like trying to cut smoke from a fire. Or a shadow.
“You cannot kill what is but Hate. I am Intangible in this realm, nothing but the Evil from countless souls.”
It then occurred to Dallas that he was in for the fight of his life.

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Part of The Balance Saga.
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