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“I have a whole new respect for you, Balance, if I knew what you were doing I would have been there to help you in less than a second,” said Devaide, no more than a moment after entering Legion’s fortress. Balance smiled at him, both of them knowing the Legion would never allow it. Devaide would have been killed by Edo Edi Essum, and Legion would become mortal. In short, Legion was a lot like Devaide’s older brother. In fact, it seemed like the three best friends who had once come together out of love for one another were bonded yet again. Devaide was temporarily, for the most part, controlled by Doom; yet Balance didn’t feel the hostile creature bred by decades of rot and solitude. Instead, he found victor, an eighteen year old boy with more spirit than he had in eons.

Dallas continued his walk until ha found the diamond on the floor of entrance of the castle. It was painted white on the stone floor like it always had; the contrasting dark blue rock and the strangely pained white stone gave the palace a very dramatic feel. He wondered briefly if Legion had ever wanted to redecorate. He also noticed that the rock here and the rock in the Tower had the same texture; however my train of thought was interrupted by thudding from one of the three gigantic spiral staircases in the walls. Legion came into view, his massive feet making a thump as they met the stone.

I have to talk to you Balance.
I’m aware.
You know where to find me.
I do.
I’ll see you in a few moments then, correct?
No, I have something I wish to do first. If that is all right with you.
Yes, I understand.

“So we meet yet again,” said The Legion. He hadn’t noticed before, but Legion had a title. And he adhered to it, he always wore clothes or robes that made him appear to have authority. He decorated himself with rings of gold and bracelets of silver. Balance had even expected he wore entire suits of amour on a regular basis. This time however, the Legion had his wide, muscular shoulders fit nicely into a black suit. His hair covered by a nice hat; his shoes were tied and he had but one ring on his right hand. The middle finger bore it well, how Legion found rings that fit his fingers was an intriguing thought.

“We do indeed, Legion,” said Balance, extending his hand. Legion took it and shook it. The gesture was all formal, very… Human.
“What is the occasion?” Balance asked.
“A wedding.”
Balance laughed a bit, “Who do you know that’s getting married?”

It was Legion’s turn to smile, “I don’t spend three hundred and sixty five days a year cooped up in here and finding objects. Not since you lifted the Hollow Man’s filth from my mind. I don’t believe I’ve ever thanked you for that.”

“Do not thank me, it was but my duty.”
“No, Balance, you could have just faught me, instead you tried to make me better than what I was. You are a good man; don’t forget that, where ever you go.”

“Where is he going?” that was Devaide, from beside me. He was always beside me.

“Balance has to leave. Isn’t that why you came, Balance? To say goodbye?”
“Yes, it is.”
“But… I’ll see you again wont I?”
“Devaide, you will feel my presence with you always. Yes, this may be the last time we meet, but it also may not. The future is something nobody can predict. Well, almost nobody. Either way, I sense the realms are in near equilibrium, and I never expected them to be completely equal. Perfectly imperfect they must remain. I believe the world has seen enough of The Balance. That is, until the time comes when I am needed again.”
“But what about Essum’s minions? There must be millions of them everywhere!”

“There must be millions of them everywhere!” pleaded Devaide, triyng to find some way to make Balance change my mind. He sounded like a six year old child trying to convince his mother not to leave him with grandma for the weekend. He was tugging slightly on Balance's cloak which further added to his begging stature. Dallas looked at him, slightly downward because Devaide was relatively short.

“Devaide, Victor, Michael, you will be missed. I owe you more than you know, without you; I couldn’t have done half the things I did.”
Devaide nodded, and then Balance turned back to Legion.

“You watch him, you watch him well.”
“Even if our fated weren’t tied I still would,” was his reply.

Balance nodded at him, and turned to leave, however his robe refused and held him back. Before he could do anything about it, Legion told him to wait a moment.
He touched the diamond on his chest, and looked upward.

Down from the ceiling almost a forty feet above us, floated a white feather. It drifted in the breeze, even though there was none at that point. It glided into his palm; he then outstretched it to Balance.

“Take it, I find it fitting that you have it.”

Balance took it gently, admiring it as he did so, “Thank you, mighty Legion.”
He nodded once more to Devaide, and started down the long walkway to the subway entrance. Every time he ahd walked this kilometer-long path, he had used Magic to speed the process up. But this time he wanted to take in the beauty that the Objects could create when used properly. Legion's realm was indeed one of the most aweing.

Cherish her came a whisper as he walked
"I will," he answered back.

Balance - no, Dallas - walked toward the portal to the human realm, where Shelby waited for him outside the gates.

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