Featherweight Equal

Continued from Balancing Thought

“Tell me, Balance, do you still go by the notion that you can prevent the inevitable truth? Do you still think you can save humanity by continuing this insignificant spree for the light? How many corrupted Holders are there? How many Seekers driven insane? How many angels slaughtered in the name of their Lord whilst throwing themselves against the unrelenting hordes of Hell? Do you think you can balance that out?”
“As such is my duty, Yochanan.”
“I suppose. But what happens when you finally win, Balance? What happens when you balance out all the bad in the world with good? When Seekers, Holders, Heaven, Hell, the right and the wrong are in equilibrium, what will you do? How will you keep on going? You’d have no purpose.”
“If such a day were to come, Yochanan, I will have fulfilled my destiny. And I shall resume my mortal life.”
“Mortal life. I think I might remember having one of those.”
“You know nothing of mortality, Yochanan.”

Dallas still hadn’t found them, after a week of looking in every pocket universe, in every realm, in every halfway house, insane asylum, city, country and void. Dallas couldn’t find them anywhere. Edo Edi Essum and his Pet had simply seemed to vanish. However, the Balance knew better. He could still feel them, waiting…
Dallas felt the darkness spread over the realms with every passing moment they existed. Edo Edi Essum had returned to consume what he had left. As it was, not knowing their location, Balance was powerless to stop them and bring even ends to this endeavor (if one could call the potential end of the universe an endeavor). It made him begin to miss his old life. Not as the Balance, but as Dallas. Not as the Seeker, either, but just as Dallas Scottsburrow, with the ones he had loved.
His own greed took that away from me.
His greed for the Objects.
“I think I get why you despise them so, Yochanan.”

“I know nothing of mortality? I was human once! Don’t think I was born this way.”
“Born of what, Yochanan? You are nothing, through and through. Yet you exist. You are the embodiment of all that isn’t. You represent all that is hollow, empty and soulless. Yet in this forsaken, unjust, unbalanced multiverse, even you find room for hate. You shouldn’t exist; therefore, by all that is balanced, you should be destroyed.”
“Good thing I conned you into making that bet, then, isn’t it, ma’boy?”
“Do not call me 'boy', Yochanan. You have enough of those.”

When it happened, Dallas was meditating. He was in Legion’s realm like theyhad been. Without a way to stop them or find Edo Edi Essum and his peers, it was all Dallas had. A place so twisted and dark, untouched by any sway other than Legion himself... Balance hated every moment of it. However, like it or not, he was the Holder of Legion, and therefore the Objects obeyed him and did as he commanded. All his power and might he draws from Them. Edo Was a being from another world altogether, not of any of the Planes, nor the Realms, he had no origion. Shame really, That meant Balance would need to find a new way to defeat him. What can being in to equalize something, if you dont know what that something is?
Maybe his purpose wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“You said ‘boy’ with a bit of reluctance. Come to think of it, I don’t even know your story. Care to enlighten me, Balance?”
“Are you sure? I like to hear about people’s problems.”
“Correction, Yochanan: you like to laugh at people’s problems. I will not give you the twisted satisfaction you would get by telling you about my past, nor will I allow myself to be manipulated into divulging such information. You may leave, Yochanan, I will not falter in my position.”
“No need to get defensive, Dallas. I was just asking.”

Her name was Shelby. That’s all Dallas has ever told anyone, even Factions. He lost her because of his greed. He was a Seeker, and that life consumed him. It’s all he ever talked about, all he ever thought about. Even when him and her stopped making love, Dallas didn’t notice. Like all Seekers, his lust for the Objects was far too potent for him to pay attention to anything else. In his quest, Dallas had become consumed. No matter how he tried to justify it, he was just another Seeker.
She began to hate me. She couldn’t stand the sight of me, and when Dallas finally decided that he'd had enough of her taunting, Dallas left her. He remembered her crying. He remembered her taking a feather from her pocket and handing it to him, as she said goodbye. He had given it to her on the first day he'd met her. A stranger had given it to him, told Dallas that it would help him in the years to come. Dallas ignored him, and gave it to Shelby as a gift. Dallas wanted to show her that no matter what happened, the feather would always make the things he did worthwhile, if only she were to be with him. It was a cheesy pickup line, admittedly, but it worked all the same. She was with Dallas for three years.
About a month after she gave it back to him, Dallas met Factions…
Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t seen that feather since shelby gave it to him.
I’m sure it’s not important.

“Yochanan, if you really want me to enlighten you about my past; I want something from yours as well.”
“I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. I’ll tell you anything.”
“I assumed that would be your response, but I also must have your word that what you say will be truth.”
“Do I ever lie, Balance?”
“Very well. When I was human, when I was Dallas, I made a promise to a woman that I would love her forever. The Objects took that away from me. Perhaps my zeal for my current purpose is a result of me trying to balance what I had done to her, among other things.”
“That’s pretty benign, Balance, albeit a bit selfish.”
“It is your turn, Yochanan.”
“What would you like to know?
“Have you ever been in love?”

Factions told Dallas that he had been looking for him for quite some time. Why Factions chose him, Dallas would never understand. There was nothing special about him when they met. Dalas was a simple, ordinary Seeker (as simple and ordinary as Seekers come, anyway). There was not anything unique or extraordinary about him, although Factions did say in their conversations that he was, in fact, special. Every time he said that, Dallas's intuition would tell him that he was referring to her. Come to think of it, Dallas thought he might’ve been referring to many things. The old man also mentioned the fact that Dallas was already in “Perfect Balance” as a result of being exposed to it for so long. At the time, he hadn’t the slightest idea what Factions meant.
Balance remembered the long conversation with him. Everything about it was crystal clear, almost as if he was supposed to remember something, but he didn’t know what. Dallas pondered for what seemed like hours about the man -Factions- himself. He had slowly walked in, crippled and aged, his brown robe flowing freely even in the lack of wind. His thick rimmed glasses prevented Dallas from looking into his eyes. His beard flowed from his face, silvery-white, looking soft to the touch. Just by the way it flowed with the windless breeze…
…Like a feather.

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