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Journal 1334630 Entry # 902

9’006.1356731-4 [See Experiment Log 21765 Entry 12 for further details]

Experiment titled ‘Legionnaire’ is proceeding slightly slower than planned. After my promotion to Senior Researcher I have had many more freedoms. The boy’s more… delayed then I would have imagined. My recollections of the first time this was done seem to colour it a little more rapid, but this might be attributed to genetic degradation or simply fondness of my own people.

Yes, after a brief examination of my earlier notes, this seems the only time I have recollected them as notably better then those I mingle with today. It seems I have simply hoped for the unrealistic. Saddening.

The replacement has reacted well during our conversations, expressing interest in the peculiarities I have brought him; the stories I have read. I expect that he shall be overjoyed when I bring one of Them in.

It upsets me that I shall be ending an experiment; but its purpose has been fulfilled and it has lost use to me as a contact, expressing a noted dislike of me. I expect this is due to Their cajoling. Oh well. All shall go as planned.

Journal 13334630 Entry # 1012 [See Experiment Log 376 Entry 10334 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘P376’ has hit a snag. My tracking of the Subject’s movements have revealed that when His path is overlaid onto a map, they from the symbol Kyrimis which is a potent curse on the viewers eyes.

My wards barely held this off and I am forced to contemplate whither He has discover my attempts at following Him or simply a manifestation of the hypothesised paranoia.

I shall cease my questioning of the Observer’s agents until I believe he will have repeated this symbol. If he has retraced the same route, or a similar one, then I shall assume it is an aspect of His paranoia and go from there.

Journal 13334630 Entry # 1222 [See Experiment Log 21761 Entry 29 and Experiment Log 21765 Entry 31 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘Rebirth’ is functioning well beyond expected parameters. Progeny G2-68774 has entered the armed forces in an attempt to direct his rage. Thought implants are exerting greater control on 68774 then in most other subjects. I am of the belief that 68774 has a natural affinity for violence greater than that of most humans and is thusly more easily exploited by the implants.

Experiment titled ‘Legionnaire’ has only worsened since we were forced to evacuate the labs. I might have to set up a delay on ‘Rebirth'. I fear ‘Legionnaire’ will not be done in time.

On a side note ‘Legionnaire’ shall further more be dubbed Progeny G1-68786.

Journal 13334630 Entry # 1300 [See Experiment Log 21761 Entry 56 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘Rebirth’ entered final stages in today’s early hours. It was a complete success, barring some minor difficulties.

Regrettably, I have lost a Progeny but I have gained both a battery and fodder for my many experiments.

I suppose it is good that my attachment to G1-68774 is no longer an issue; I take at least that away from the troubles.

How odd, then, that I felt obligated to free what little was left of G2-68774, cast it away drom Nero and upon the Nexus. My attachments have rarely penetrated the veil of death, and those cases that they have are… exceptional.

I shall have to deal with this.

Journal 13334630 Entry # 1356 [See Experiment Log 376 Entry 10335 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘P376’ has made a disturbing revelation. A few hours ago I was contacted by the Subject, he informed me he was aware of my tracking of him and of my studies of several other Holders whom he has allied himself with. He threatened me with an immediate attack unless my actions ceased.

I shall be replacing these Holders with selected Seekers in a brief time line. This will hopefully be done in short enough time to prevent further action on Their part. I have selected my first Seeker; set to replace Denial. Further entrees regarding this plan will be placed under project ‘Coup’.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1371 [See Project Log 3452 Entry 457, Experiment Log 4506 Entry 2002 and Experiment Log 10348 Entry 1 for further details]


Project titled ‘Acquisition’ was interrupted today. Such is intolerable due to the importance of my work, the difficulty achieving what I seek and the limited time provided.

I was looking into a new contact for a means of building the machine when I was halted by a cloaked figure. I believe he is of the same order of being as ‘Tazmaran’. Experiment ‘Advocate’ showed him to be capable of recreating the Universe (depending on the reality branch; several failures were also recorded). Experiment ‘Breaker’ (a helpful coincidence, really) showed that they are, in fact, capable of death. This is good news.

The being that contacted me referred to itself as ‘Balance’. It appears to belong to a religious sect believing the Universe to be in constant need of equilibrium. The being then made an attempt on my life using unknown magicks, which put me down for quite some time. Further interaction is required.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1390


Note to Self: Kill the Pirate.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1478 [See Experiment Log 21771 Entry 1 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘Blood’ begun today. It is an examination of Their influences on a new born. In this experiment I shall act as the variable; influencing myself into the child’s life. Plans have been made for the possibility of the child becoming a danger to my life or an ally to Them.

The experiment has, among other things, invoked the birth of a child on two sterile individuals. This has been done through use of an Object.

I am hoping to receive a reliable sample for future experiments.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1488 [See Project Log 3498 Entry 6 for further details]


Project titled ‘Coup’ progress report:

Trichinobezoar (Denial): acquired, deposited with Seeker
Rose Stem (Vanity): Holder has been replaced
Picture and Frame (Isolation): Holder has been replaced
Holder of Forever is missing; I cannot find its remains nor its Object.
Mask (The Many): yet to acquire
Safety is now on the run. This is good.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1538 [See Experiment Log 21765 Entry 64, Project Log 2442 Entry 118658 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘Legionnaire’ has been dismal. Slow progression, the matters involving Project ‘Hunger’ and my distrust of my descendants has hobbled it almost beyond repair.

Progeny G1-68786 has shown remarkable success in most activities I have deployed him in but has yet to make even the least note worthy steps towards toppling Legion. Perhaps if I take him on a mission in Project ‘Hunger’ he will show greater progress.

I have found my thoughts drifting toward Progeny G1-68774 again today. I am thinking of starting a new project.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1555 [See Experiment Log 3498 Entry 12 for further details]


Project titled ‘Coup’ has taken the expected turn. His brothers and sisters gone Safety made an attempt to attack me. We engaged in a duel during which I sustain sever damages to my left leg, lower jaw and torso.

I had extreme difficulty harming the Holder, it appears as though the Object recalibrates when in His hands as it clearly reacted differently then the steady readings I receive under experimental conditions.

This set back can be dealt with in two to three weeks.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1573 [See Experiment Log 21771 Entry 19 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘Blood’ has been a rousing success. I find no greater joy than watching Progeny G1-69787 progress; enlightened, loyal, gifted and with minimal effort on my part. I believe that this is due entirely on my direct influence in his creation, namely; the involvement of my Knives.

I wonder what I could’ve achieved if I had been there for G1-68786’s creation and not just his development external to the womb…

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1634 [See Project Log 2442 Entry 118778 for further details]


I shouldn’t have brought Progeny G1-68786. Why was I such an idiot?


It’s all screwed up. All screwed up. All cork screwing down the drain. I should kill him. That’s what I should do. Kill him. Kill Spectre. It’s so unrelentingly simple. Then I’d kill Balance and Infectos and your little dog, too.

But I won’t. There must be a way to salvage this. There is away.

I’ll just kill Balance and Infectos and, with any luck, your little dog, too.

But first I need to get Essum to agree to something…


At the end of the movie I get the girl.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1656 [See Experiment Log 21771 Entry 25 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘Blood’ has been a port in the storm during these dark times. Progeny G1-69787 is a last humour for me, I find myself comparing him to poisoned candy. Sweet on the outside, death on the inside; a rousing success.

He vies for my attentions, they all do. I must say, he’s my current favourite. Current being the operative word.

EDIT: I do not recall writing that last sentence. I have not left my station between now and my completion of this report. I am forced to believe I have written that. My mind drifts to Progeny G1-68774 and that new experiment that I toyed with for a time, my contemplation on Progeny G1-68786’s possibilities if I had created him.

I shall need to contact some old friends…

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1660 [See Project Log 31 Entry 156 for further details]


Project titled ‘Debt’ has had unexpected results recently. She has begun moving through the house again, occasionally crying and showing emotion.

Higher dosage? New mix?

I hate it when she cries. I owe her enough to make it so she doesn’t cry again.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1667 [See Project Log 3498 Entry 10 for further details]


Project titled ‘Coup’ is nearing closure. Earlier tonight I went to Safety’s location and began the trial. He attempted to lead me to an alley, at which point I grabbed him by the neck and dragged him to his personal dwelling.

I forced him to go through the trial, with means I shall not put to ink, until he was supposed to give me his Object. At that juncture, I left.

I believe this will dissuade his attempts to harm me.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1673 [See Project Log 3078 Entry 52, Project Log 3452 Entry 566 for further details]


Project titled ‘Heart' has become active again after nearly thirty years. Gestation has taken longer than is acceptable. Project 'Acquisition' might need to resort to the E.A.P.

However, if the sample is large enough, this will begin a chain reaction that will complete 'Acquisition'. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1834 [See Experiment Log 21773 Entry 3 for further details]


Experiment titled ‘Despair’ is in its early stages. The relevant samples have all been gathered, as have most scans. I’m nearing completion on the research front, as well. I will need to die soon, though, to gather the relevant souls.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1854 [See Project Log 3228 Entry 1 for further details]


Project titled 'Cold' began today. I have widened the anomaly and stabilized. I proceeded to agitate the Remains. The portal lost stability after 6 hours and the Remains did not arrive.

However, after another sixteen hours there was a similar anomaly over Norway

Success. Happy Easter, forthcoming.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1860 [See Project Log 31 Entry 157 for further details]


Project titled ‘Debt’ is back on track. She is docile again.

It almost hurts to see her like she gets. Almost.

Journal 1334630 Entry # 1934 [See Experiment Log 21773 Entry 19 for further details]


I’ve done it. The manipulations to the samples, the combining, the alterations to more closely fit the scans. The Implants. They’ve crafted it.

I must admit it’s flawed, unlike Progeny G1-68786 but even so… it will do. The Host need only be capable of sustaining the Copy while gathering the necessary elements.

She shall not be given a Progeny Code; instead she shall be referred to as ‘Vini Vidi Veci’.

Her eyes are the most remarkable thing; pools of utter blackness. Like her blood. Black like the Void. Like her Uncle. I’m sorry, Essum, you will need to wait for awhile longer to see your Niece.

We shall see if she is willing to open a Door after Project ‘Cold’ then I hope for a break through with ‘Acquisition’.

And that, my friend, is all you get.

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