He Who Bears Witness

They say he was there at the beginning. He saw the Objects scattered, but holds none of them and seeks them not.

At the beginning he had a name and no purpose save what he chose. But as he saw the Objects scattered he lost those things to the task that chose him. Now he is known by his one, and only, purpose. Since the time his name was taken from him he has been given many by those who have met him. He is The Watcher, The Beholder, The Scribe, The Biographer, The Tale Keeper, He Who Bears Witness.

Fear him not, for he claims no allegiance, no grievance, and bears ill will towards none. This man can not be found, but he finds all those whose fates have been touched by the Objects; for he must know them. This is his task, his one purpose. So, should your path bring you into contact with the Objects, find you he will. You will meet him but once; perhaps in a dream, in a bar or café, or even in a haven.

When you have been found, he will offer a trade: the tale of one who is or was involved for the tale of how you came to be involved. Indulge him, but ask him for no specific tale or about the Objects. He will only tell the tale you most need to hear, or the one that most needs to be heard, and the Objects themselves do not concern him. Listen well, for the stories must be known. Those who have fallen must be remembered.

When his tale is done pass on your experience and know that you will be remembered. Know that when you have fallen, your story will be known.

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