(Continued from Life)

Do you feel your sanity slipping away from you, Seeker? Do you feel rational thought losing power in your mind? Do you believe that you are slowly losing your mind? You have no idea what true insanity is like, Seeker, and you never will.

However, to truly comprehend the gravity of my tales, one must be insane. However, you have not lost your mind...yet.

What will you do in the name of knowledge, Seeker?

Will you lose your mind to the quest? I can already see the telltale signs of insanity on your mind. You are not going to remain yourself for long.

I believe the best way for you to learn about the next Item is for you to experience it firsthand. Now let us delve into your mind, and experience the power of the Stone of Healing firsthand.

The farther one travels, the less one knows. Objects, Items, Holders, Seekers, Them, He, What does it all amount to?
Circle after circle after circle, it's almost like a Cycle in a sense. I see all the people in the world, the majority of whom are ignorant, little do they know what horrors are to be unleashed upon them.
Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, why are you so blue?
2 is 5 and 3 is 8. The most marvelous digital intelligence can be broken down into a series of zeros and ones. They Fear him say there is one A monster out there Everywhere who kills seekers Rips them to shreds and takes away Just run all of their Objects Abominations what he Can't run, can't hide does with them Kill them all no one knows.
Futile, it is all futile, with no end in sight, just go around and around and around, run and run and run, you run away, but from what? Yourself
Eyes darting from left to right, what is he looking for?
Humans are so fragile, so very fragile.
Aberrations, errors, glitches, these are normal in electronics, few know that the Universe has them too.
Open, close, open, close, welcome back old friend of mine, what sharp teeth you have.
Life goes on within you and without you.
The sum is Zero.
The sum is Zero.
The sum is Zero.
Devourer of worlds, Devourer of minds, Devourer of mine.
The farther one travels, the less one knows

The Stone of Healing has the power to heal any illness, including those of the mind. Many wars have been fought over it, nearly annihilating the Universe in the process. Then the stone was shattered. I happen to hold one of the shards seeker. However, the stone, once fully assembled, has range over entire galaxies. Your army could be fighting on another planet, yet any all and all injuries they sustain would be instantly healed. The Stone was once even used by Them, in Eons past, but if misused, as it once was, the Universe will be plummeted into darkness. Be wary seeker, for there are many others who know of the Stone, and will gladly kill you if you happen to be in their way. However, those who use the Stone for healing, will find that that is the only thing that will heal them. And that brought the downfall of many an Empire.

Sometimes, to be healed, is to be wounded.

(Continued in Fury)
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