Heaven in Balance

Continued from Coming Undone.

“You’re really disliked up here, Jack.”
“Indeed I am, Michael. I’m seeing many familiar faces, too.”
“You mean people you’ve killed!”
“I don’t believe I said that. Did you hear me say that, Balance?”
“No, Yochanan, I did not. However, Michael isn’t wrong.”
“No, that he’s not.”

Popular belief states there is one heaven. That one religion is right and the rest are tall-tales, or just legends from crazy priests in civilizations that were burned and forgotten long ago. However, that in and of itself is not only narrow minded, but that is contrary to the actual situation. Most religions have at least some truth to them. For example, parallel to Allah and Jehovah there is Osiris. On the other hand, on the thrones there are Zeus, Jesus, Odin, and Ra… Many religions and gods rule over the heavens. It creates a sort of divine harmony, a collaboration of all beliefs.

What one could expect in death is any man’s guess. Depending on their beliefs, they could visit any one of the gods. Some just get sent back, reincarnated; some are denied and sent to the Hells. Whatever the situation, every soul will eventually see heaven, until he or she wishes to return to the mortal plane, and do it all over again.
Well, that’s what some believe, anyway.

Personally, Dallas couldn’t care less what happens when people die.

“Radament, is it? The doorman?”
“Correct, mortal, and may I inquire as how one such as yourself has come to arrive to such a place as this?”
“I am no mortal, I am the Balance, and I am looking for someone.”
“Whom, may I ask?”
“His name used to be Victor, but you may know him as the Holder of Doom.”

You know who really ran the show? It wasn't the Gods, Dallas could tell you that. It’s the Keepers of Religion, a band of Monks, who were entrusted with keeping all religion in balance. In many ways, they were like me, but so very different. The Keepers of Religion never spoke, and not by choice either, they had their tongues and vocal cords cut out before they earn the ‘right to knowledge’. Which is their schooling about the religions, their speech incapacitated so they cannot tell anyone of what they know. They don’t keep it ‘balanced’ per se, they keep it more in order. They make sure there were no civil wars in heaven.

The Gods could overpower them easily, but out of respect, and by a pact they swore to forever ago, they obey the Keepers of Religion. Or at the very least respect their opinions.

The man that lurked behind Radament in a light brown robe was one of them.

He had dimly glowing, hollow eyes, and pointed teeth.

And he was glaring Balance.

“My liege, the Balance and his followers have requested a word with you.”
“Have they now? Let them in, Radament, I don’t wish to keep them waiting.”
“At once, lord Christ.”
“Lord Christ?”
“That’s right, Michael. Doom was Christian, therefore it is up to lord Christ if we see him or not.”

Lord Jesus Christ: an understanding god to say the least. He knew Dallas' intentions with what he requested were good, even if some members in his party were of a... malicious nature. It was because of His understanding that He allowed them a word with Him. Not that He had much of a choice; Balance had the power of the Toga of the Gods. If he wanted, he could have forced his way in, and taken Doom back by force. However, Dallas thought that an unnecessary and violent use of his powers. Not to mention hateful, which, at the moment, would go against his purpose.

Him and Balance talked, he told Him of the situation they were in. Dallas told him about himself, Legion, and how Dallas needed to speak with Doom. The God nodded and took it all in, most of which wasn’t news to him. He was a God, after all. It didn’t bode well for the Gods or for the mortal plane for Him to refuse their request, and eventually, after a moment of scratching his beard, he took Dallas and the others to the man they were looking for.

He also told Dallas he didn’t go by ‘Doom’ anymore.

“Victor? Is that you?”
“Yes! Victor! It’s me!”
“Michael! I don’t understand, are you dead? Did Balance kill you?”
“No, Vic, actually, we’re here to take you back.”
“Ha Ha! I’m in Heaven, Michael, What in the name of the Objects do you think I’d go back down there for? What can be better than eternal paradise?”
“How about Revenge?”

They had the God’s permission; and had the means to do so. However, bringing back the dead wasn’t as easy as one would think. Not complete resurrection. One can bring back a body, but the body is mindless, and more importantly, soulless. People who are revived like that are usually referred to as ‘Zombies’ or ‘Ghouls’. But in order to fully resurrect someone, you need to locate their soul, and place it in a body. they had the soul, but Doom’s –Victor’s- body was destroyed. Almost immediately after the Balance vanquished him, Victor's body rotted away; years of slow decomposition finally caught up to it.

Which is why Dallas brought along Michael.

“Well, Balance, go ahead. Resurrect him.”
“It’s not that simple, Michael.”
“Never is.”
“His soul is intact, but his body is… well, not.”
“So what the hell are we going to do?”
“Ha! That’s why he brought you along, Michael. Isn’t it, Balance?”
“Who-the.. Hollow one?”
“It is I, Victor. Pleased to see you again.”
“There will be time for salutations and words exchanged after we complete our task here, Yochanan. Meanwhile, I'm sure I owe Michael and Victor an explanation.”
“Indeed you do.”

Dallas explained the situation to the both of them. Eyes both gazed upon him with interest as he explained to them how reincarnation worked. Dallas explained how this situation was unique and the reasons behind it. He could tell they were beginning to understand, but before he could continue, Dallas felt a surge of thought rush over him.

Somewhere in the mortal realm, two immensely powerful forces were clashing. At first it felt like two Holders fighting, but then Dallas realized it was much worse than that. Legion was fighting one of the unknown Evils. He brandished the White King’s Sword, and the other wielded a vastly superior, yet similar Object. Whatever it was, the two Objects seemed to hate each other almost as their wielders. It then occurred to Balance that Legion and the other man – whose name was almost upon him - were doing battle for the second time.

But this time, Legion was losing.

They had to hurry.

“Michael, Victor, there is not a lot of time, there is one thing I must tell you before we go through with this.”
“Hurry Up Balance!”
“Yes, Yochanan, just give me a second. Okay, listen the both of you. For this to work I'm going to need a body, and since I cannot use another’s body. I need your body, Michael. Two souls, one mind. And yes, it is permanent.”
“Balance, I can’t ask Michael to do that.”
“…You don’t have to, Vic. Hit us, Balance.”
“As you wish. Join hands and repeat after me:

The joining was spectacular to watch. Light rose up from Victor’s soul and streamed into Michael’s nose and mouth, Michael breathed it in. His chest expanding, and then depleting. Dallas could see Michael’s form begin to change, into that of a combination of he and Victor’s physical features. Michael’s face, but rounded more, like Victor’s. Victor’s muscular body was imposed into Michael’s already semi-built body. His skin went from white to darker, like Victor’s.

When the transformation was finished, both Victor and Michael were recognisable within the man that stood before him. However there was one thing still left to do.

“You are no longer Michael nor Victor. What do you want me to call you?” Balance asked him.

“You can call me… Devaide, maybe James Devaide.”

“May I ask why?”

“Yes,” he shot Yochanan a glance, a glance of hate, Dallas thought it might have even made Yochanan uncomfortable, unlikely, but a possiblillity.

“It was the name of our Village.”

Continued in Balancing the Score.

Part of The Balance Saga.
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