Holder Of Sins

In any city, on any country, go to a church, then ask to the priest: I'm seeking the Holder of Sins.
A sinister smile will pass through his lips and with no other word, he will start to walk. Follow him!

He will lead you to the bottom floor. To the clock room. When you get to the center of the room, he probably will stop. Say outloud: I will not come back. I'm already lost in this journey. He will start to laugh an then he will take a kine that was hidden in his cloack. He will turn to you and say: The right path lost is. You shall see the beggining to see the end. Then he will start to cut his own arm and will drawn a door on the next wall. When he finishes it, run straight to the door and don't let anything stops you, or it will be your end.
If you are successful you will find yourself in a room tottally different from the previous one. The walls are scarlet red and blood drips from the ceiling. Stay still and wait for a voice call your name. then start to walk straight ahead.In the way you will see srts of random things. Don't look directly to them. Keep walking.

After what looks like centuries you will find yourself close to a table. DON'T SIT.
A young child will aproches to you and lead you to your seat.
She is the Holder. Don't let she tricks you with her lovely face. She will use from every methods to fool you. She is not what she seems.
When she stops, sit on the most close seat and stay still. If you look around you will see a large amount of corpses without eyes or skin. They are the previous ones. The ones who failed in this room.
When she starts to laugh say immediately: I'm not here for jokes. I wanna know the truth.
She will start to cry and she will tell every single and horrible detail of the story. Of everything that already happened. The reason for the objects exists and everything else in this world. But don't trust her. She never tells the truth.
When the story is over she will ask you: Are you gonna leave me too? I'm always alone in here. Stay and play with me. It's already dinner time.
Now you have two options: Say yes and you will fail. You will be trapped here forever with her tormenting you soul every single moment of your life in the most excruciating possible ways.
Or say exactly this words : The origin is cursed, as the one who seeks the truth. Right path never really existed, 'cause lost we are from the beggining.

If you choose the second option, a shadow will pass to her face and you will see how she really looks like. A disgusting melted face, with scars everywhere.
Now your chair will start to sink on the floor. The blood like mud will swallow you bit by bit. Don't try to fight. It will be worse.
On the walls images of what really happened will starts to pass. Every death and kill. Every single mistake and every steps that leaded everything to this.
When the floor swallowed you completely, you will see nothing but dark. And then, nothing at all.

When you wake up, you are gonna be on the church again, layed on the floor. If you are in any other place, she tricked you. I'm sorry my friend.
In you hand you see a shinning red apple.

This is the key 1 from 13. This is the only way to stop the objects from destroying everything.

Will you continue?

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