Holder of Differance

Walk into a blank field, barren and desolate. Make sure of that. Do not be followed, it will end in death. Be careful of what you sing or say while passing through the field. If you hum, an ebony haired man will appear, he will sigh and scowl at you.
You must stay emotionless in this time, or he will murder you. His eyes will be black and misty. You must ask him why his eyes are that way. He will not answer you at first, but soon give up and tell you the secrets of the underworld. You will now be a god.

If you speak, a brunette man will appear before you. He will not speak or move. You must ask him if he knows any monsters. He will point to himself and then to you. You must not reject the fact he had laid before you.

He will then smile and tell you to walk away and find the necklace in the field, after that you shall be a god. Knowing nothing but ignorance.

Each path will result in the power of a god, not always how you think of though. If you walk through the field silently, the two men will be at the end. They will be holding hands and scowl at your presence. They will both lift a gun, gold and silver. They will shoot, but miss purpose fully. The ebony will tell you that you're a demon. The brunette will point to the west, saying that your demise lye that ways.

Unwillingly you will walk west, no matter what you do.

The men's knowledge is object 582 of 538. It will give you an uncertain hell.

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