Holder of Family

In any city, in any country, go to any street corner and hail a cab. As you get in, smile and tell the driver "Take me to the home of the Holder of Family."

If he says nothing, get out of the cab quickly, walk away from it and hope you don't see where it's going. On the other hand, if he asks you for money, simply shake your head and say, "Others will pay my fare." If you don't, well, blood is the only valid currency where HE's from, and this is going to be an expensive trip.

Enjoy the ride. Feel free to talk to the driver, but make sure you're honest if he asks you about your family. You don't want him to have to find out about them himself. After about an hour, you will pull up to a normal-looking house in a nice neighborhood with a picket fence and two cars in the driveway. Ask the driver to wait for you, this won't take too long.

Walk up to the door, knock three times, and listen for a moment. If there's sounds of fighting and arguing within, hurry back to the cab and ask to leave. He's taken you to the wrong house, and you don't want to meet those that live here. If there is no sound, stay and wait for the Holder of Family to appear.

He's thirty-something, with a wife and two kids who are just an absolute handful. His wife cooks the most wonderful meals, his son is in Little League and his daughter just got back from selling Girl Scout cookies. He will invite you in cordially and bring you to the dinner table. By all means, sit and eat. The Holder's wife just finished cooking your favorite meal, and enjoy it now because you're never going to be able to again after today.

At first it will be the little things, like the smell of your mother's perfume or the sound of your dad's laugh. By dessert, though, the Holder and his family will be an almost exact replica of your own, but perfected. There is no fighting, arguing, or dysfunction of any sort. Many Seekers are fooled, and end up staying forever in this dream world. Don't be one of them.

After dinner, ask the Holder, "Who is His family?" If an angry look comes across his face, it's too late, and you will spend eternity alone in unfathomable pain. If not, he will sadly send the children to their rooms and begin to tell you about every atrocity committed by families, every broken home, every molested child, while you relive the worst parts of your life with your family. Once he finishes talking, he will take you to the study, and give you a small engraving of a coat of arms with the motto "Capax infiniti". Take it, thank the holder for a nice evening and go back to catch your cab.

This engraving is object 532 out of 538. You're part of His family now.

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