Holder of Recursion

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to and ask to speak with the "Holder of Recursion." The attendant will direct you to the waiting room. Thank her and walk into this room.

When you enter you will see a person lording over a stack of magazines. He will look exactly as you do. It is recommended that you do not react to this. Accept the fact that there are more than one of you, or else this trial will overwhelm you much too easily. Cough or clear your throat to get the other you's attention. The person sitting will take notice and leave the room, giving you the seat.

Sit and read an article or two if you like. Soon you will hear a cough and another you will have entered the waiting room. Leave the room as you saw your other self leave before. You will find yourself in a hallway, standing behind the first you that was not yourself. Follow him.

Do not think of looking back. The thought of looking back often causes the first you to look back. It will startle you. You will look back at the second you that was not yourself. Being surrounded by fake yous will turn you paranoid. When you turn back, the first you he will be holding a knife and splashed with blood. He will drop it. You will pick it up. You will kill yourself, then be killed by yourself.

Keep walking until you will see yourself enter the door at the end of the hallway. Inside a nurse will be giving the first you an injection. She is a liar. Don't believe anything she says. No matter how persuasive her argument is, resist. The second you will enter behind you. She will deceive him as she did with the first you.

Now both yous lie in gurneys hooked up to machines. They sleep forever in this Holder's realm reliving the most frightening moment of your life over and over again, their minds in a constant state of fear and confusion.

The nurse will be more persuasive than ever. The only thing you must say is "Why must the cycle continue?"

She will become fed up with you and jam the needle into you arm. You will not end up like the others. You will wake up next to your home computer, or any computer with a printer. It will print out a picture of a snake eating its own tail. As long as the power's on and it has paper, it will continually print that picture.

The printer is now object 134 of 538. The cycle has been broken. Do not let it begin again.

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