Holder of Retribution

Find any place of unrest and ill will, where the minds of men are not sound. This will be your first mistake.

To the one that acts as a shield between the unwell and the world, request audience with the Holder of Retribution. This will be your second mistake.

Follow the guide through the building, and take no note of your path, or you will commit the first sin of fear and be struck down. When you arrive, you will be at a door with two lines etched deep, one vertical and the other imbalanced. Enter the door, and commit your third mistake.

The door will close behind you and the guide will leave. Do not turn around, or you will commit the second sin of doubt and be struck down. You will hear the question. Answer the question of "Why?," and commit your fourth mistake.

Pain will come to you then, pain equal to that which you have inflicted throughout your life, in equal measure for everything. You will feel the emotions of those you have insulted and hurt in their minds, and the pain and suffering of those you have hurt in their bodies. Do not turn away from this pain, or you will commit the third sin of pride and be struck down.

If you survive, and you most probably will not, you may then complete your answer. After the pain, you will know what to say. No other answer will be possible.

Leave once you have answered. You will receive the Object once you depart the building, a mark within your left eye showing you to be the one that has survived the first Retribution, and will bear pain for each additional act of ill will forever.

The Darkened Eye is Object 540 of 2538. Balance in all things must be maintained.

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