Holder of Solipsism

those who seek
In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to and proceed to the front desk. It is best you do this at a time when you have just gotten much sleep, as this particular mission will require your consciousness. When you get to the front desk, ask the worker to visit the one who calls himself "The Holder of Solipsism". The worker could respond a variety of ways, so it doesn't really matter what he says. However, there should be a sly smile on his or her lips. Take note: it will be a very small smile and if you miss it, he or she will lead you to a room and lock you in, claiming you as insane. If there is no smile, they will reply with,"I'm sorry, but what you seek isn't here."

You will respond by thanking them for their time and walking out of the place. Go anywhere you want, but don't go home and don't go to sleep for the next twenty-four hours. Everyone you see from then on until the twenty-four hour period will notice you no matter how hard you try to avoid their attention. They will stare at you eerily and some may even yell at you or threaten you, hut you must not react in any way. If you do, they will kill you with super human strength and no matter how much you fight back, you will die.

If, at any time, you feel as if you will fall asleep; don't. If you do, one of two things will occur. You may slip onto a coma and never awaken or be ripped apart by your own nightmares.

People around you will become more angry and hostile at you with each passing hour. The goal is to find the one person who stares at you and shortly looks away (as everyone else will just stare unrelentingly). That is the Holder of Solipsism. He will take on the shape of a total stranger and you must ask,"Are they sentient?"

Once you ask the question, wherever you are, the people around you will vanish and it will be only the two of you. He will encase your mind in all your thoughts of Them. Your head will swirl in the confusion of their inner-workings. Some working swallowed by the hatred or grief or go insane altogether.

If you survive the ordeal, you will appear in front of the desk just as it had been twenty-four hours before. The thoughts will remain forever locked into your mind.
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