Holder of Tragedy

In any city, in any country, go to any forest. You should walk off the path. Eventually you will find a lost area, with small ruins. When you find the clearing, with dead grass shriveled below the sun, proclaim "I have come to see the mighty one" proudly and surely.

Someone familiar should appear, with the appearance of a family member. To not move. Quickly, ask "I must meet the Holder of Tragedy". A hole shall appear in the grass, and the familiar figure will distort into a blacked, gnarled beast, and run off.

When you walk down the hole, visions of past Seekers being mauled, cut up, and killed will emerge in your mind. If you turn back, you'll notice the entrance is gone, and you will be killed from behind. Keep going on, and you will reach a blank room. Ask out loud "What had happened before the artifacts spread?". Immediately the back wall will open up, revealing a creature quite alike to the Slenderman myth, but not quite. It will, in a deep, rumbling voice, speak "There were once one. Its power tainted those who owned it, and cataclysmic war broke out. The sea, sky, and land in discord, all enraged at the catastrophe". At this point, you will be asked to go to sleep. Say yes, and you will pass out. Dreams of fire and death and terror will plague you for the rest of you days. When you wake up, you will be in your bed, in your hand is a fractured locket, with two distorted pictures, The tainted malice that befalls you by glancing at the smiles in the picture, and that is object 2341 out of 538. Its eternal shadow connects to the lost.

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