Holder of the Broken Mind

In any country, in any state, go to a school or some place of education. Enter and look at the nearest reflective surface, be it a mirror or window. Stare into your reflection's eyes. Avoid blinking even when you feel the need to. If you do blink you have failed, and your fate would be best left unrecorded.

Soon water will begin to leak out of the mirror, blurring your image. When your reflection is fully covered and you can feel water seeping through your shoes, it is safe to blink. Once you open them, you will be totally submerged in water, grasped by the powerful urge to swim to the surface. Don't. Swim down, swim down into the abyss that opens below you. If you pass out now you will drown and be devoured by the beasts of this place. If, however, you manage to make it to the bottom, breathe! For air, not water will fill your lungs. If you manage this, close your eyes yet again and keep them closed. You will hear whispers and talking, but do not open your eyes - keep them closed until you hear these exact words, spoken by a female voice: "How dare you sleep in my class!"

You will see a female teacher standing over you, a look of anger on her face. Answer her question with these exact words: "I don't know what you mean, Ma'am, I just arrived." Answer with all the sincerity you can, for it is crucial that she believe you. If she doesn't, you will be sliced into thin pieces and made into textbooks. You will remain alive through the ordeal. If the teacher does believe you, she will relent and walk back up to the blackboard. Pay rapt attention to the teacher, and do not look at any of the other students. This teacher does not tolerate inattentive students. Eventually, she will tell the class to get out their textbooks. Yours will be under your desk. Do not be surprised if you hear screams emanating from it; I believe I've already told you what these textbooks are made of. No matter what page she tells the class to open to, go to the first page and ask, "What can break their minds?" She'll freeze and stare directly at you. If she makes no move to end your life, stand up, walk towards her, and kneel. She'll poke you in the forehead, and in that brief moment of contact you'll see the answer to your question, and no matter how strong your mind is, it will break.

But it will be replaced. By a new one. A much stronger one.

You'll wake up in your home, but you'll never be the same.

That mind is Object 385 of 538. You now can conjure illusions at will, even the one that They fear - but be warned, to be feared by Them is much more dangerous than to be afraid of them.

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