Holder of the Elements

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution of halfway house you can get yourself to. Be sure to take with you a bottle(filled with water), a rock, a match and a small plastic propeller, if you do not bring any of these, you will not pass his test.

Ask the lady at the front desk if you may speak with the 'Holder of the Elements'. If it is not a lady at the front desk, leave at once, lest your journey will be no more. The lady will lead you through the asylum, on a path that you will not be able to remember, no matter how hard you try. Use your rock to scratch an obvious line on the walls, you will need it later.

After an almost immeasurable amount of time, the lady will stop outside a room. You must tell her 'I will be fine, don't worry about me, open the door.' If she does not cry, follow your line back outside, buy a new house and move countries, you must move as far away as possible, but remember, earth is an element, so as long as you are on this planet, you will never be safe again. Should the lady begin to weep uncontrollably, the door will open by itself. Enter, and be sure to shut the door behind you.

Light the match, for it is so dark in this room, no light enters or escapes it walls. In the center of the room, a man will be sitting on a chair, do not enter his gaze, or he shall be the last person to see you. despite being made of flesh, the man will be incredibly flammable, hold the flame to his hair and let it catch. The man will let out an inhumane scream, display your bottle and yell at him 'You are a drone, tell me where I can find him, and I shall let you out.' The man will wave his arm and a section of the wall will begin to crumble. Leave the bottle at the mans feet and walk though the hole, do not flinch as it seals up behind you.

You will begin to feel the small propeller stir in your pocket. Take it out and sit it on your palm. Let it float into the air, spinning faster every second. The center of the room will become a tornado of the dust that has been sitting, undisturbed, for years. Air will condense, and out of the dust will appear a silhouette. Reach into it's chest, and do not hesitate as you feel the dust lash into your skin. Feel around for a smooth orb, and rip it out as soon as you feel it.

The silhouette will yell obscenities, telling you to give him back his precious orb. The walls will begin to crack by the force of his screams. A gap will open up, run through it and you will find yourself in the hallway the woman lead you through. Run along, following your mark on the wall, keep the orb clasped in your hand. When you make it back out to the street, look at your hand and you will find a strange symbol embedded into it, but no orb.

This object is number 1234 of 2538. With this symbol you will be able to manipulate the elements to your will, but be careful not to hurt the ones you care about with this new power.

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