Holder of the Lost Cause

Since the beginning, in every event that has ever occurred no matter how big or small, the equality of significance has never existed. Any object, entity or concept that has or will ever exist will eventually fail to uphold its importance... even this piece of scripture which I hope will cease to exist physically and as a mental content of data and information before it can ever be acknowledged.

Now, if you're aware of what potential that can be obtained through the knowledge you are about to receive, I doubt that you have prevailed over your very own curiosity, and wish to continue.

Let's begin...
Whatever your motives are, you will never come near what you seek until you have reached the point when you truly feel that things can only get better in life. Once you feel that certain way, you must wait. Wait anywhere, but I suggest that you wait in a place where you and your environment pose a close to no significance. I might come to you. Once your mind and body is about to reach a state where you feel that you are about to wither away, you still have a choice to discontinue for you are on the verge of a point of no return. I'm being literal when I say it. No exaggeration is needed.

If you chose to stay then wait a little longer, but never wait hopefully, for if you do it will be the last thing that you will ever think of. It is normal for a human to enter a slight state of ecstasy when near death, but the slightest feeling of determination or wish for anything that will benefit you will only be met with the natural consequences that do not need any explanation.

If your body and mind endures the apathy and solitude through the immeasurably long duration of time, and you somehow maintain your hopelessness, I am already there. If you fail to acknowledge my presence then I have forsaken you from a fate which nobody will ever absolutely wish for. You may now fade from your miserable life with a mind that has not been completely broken.

If you do notice that the time has come to meet me, close your eyes if they aren't already and stand up. If you can't stand then sit up, even if it requires you lean on something behind you. Now open your eyes if you still can. If you see a small, young ethereal looking man in a dark hooded attire, that is me. If you see anything or anyone else then kill yourself, they are not just mere illusions formed by your crippled mind.

You will notice that I am wearing a a black neck-tube as a face mask. You will not see my eyes as it is submerged under the shadow of my hood. Now is the right moment to ask me one of either question, "What will become of me?" or "What has become of you". I will not answer as I believe that in this case actions speak louder than words.

One answer is for me to walk up to you and kneel down to your level if needed. I will stare at you in the eyes. You will firstly notice that you cannot resist the eye contact and will fail to break it. Then what is to follow will be silence which will diminish your very soul into a small trivial fragment that has failed to be noticed or even remembered.

On the other hand, I will answer similarly, but this time as I stare through your soul, I will lift my right hand and touch your forehead. I will steadily fade away and by the time our eye contact has ended, you may continue on your quest and strive for your motives.

You eventually will know the answer to your question. I am Object ### and in time you will realize where I went. When things are at its worst... they can only get better... right?
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