Holder of the Wishsong

If you do not know how to sing, it is time to learn, Seeker. Sing poorly, and that which I possess shall take you to a swift death. Sing well, and you may yet live.

In any remote wild place on this accursed Earth, out of sight and earshot of any and all who would hear my song, begin to sing. Sing to your utmost potential, infusing it with all the emotion and power you can muster. Sing a formless song without language. Sing that which makes the air tremble.

If you hear an eagle's harsh cry break your song, seek quickly to hide. You would then wish you had been born mute.

Should no sound break your song save for the howling wind which arises as you begin to sing, proceed forward in whichever direction you happen to be facing for exactly seven hundred paces. Turn into the wind, and struggle against its fury for another four thousand paces. Count carefully, and never change your path again. Should you deviate, you will find yourself enshrouded in the song you have sung, trapped for eternity.

On the four thousandth step, cease walking and kneel. Kneel as low as you can, keep your head down and your eyes shut. Cover your ears if you can, and prepare for a mournful song heralding your death if you cannot. If you have covered your ears in time, simply wait until you perceive the wind has stopped. Stand.

Open your eyes, and behold the wonder that is the Song itself. This is all that it is, an entire world composed of song. Should it move you to tears, you may continue down the path your tears will form as they rain down on the void below. Should you be stoic and unimpressible, you shall fall through the void and beyond the land of the Song into a soundless eternity of cold and darkness.

If at any point along this path you hear a song, stop and listen respectfully. Do not try to cover your ears. The songs you may hear affect each Seeker differently, but none of these songs will harm you unless you fear them. Once the song has ceased, you may continue. Continue walking down your path until you reach my land of Song.

In this, my land of Song, I will test you in ways you cannot imagine and in ways that defy description. Suffice it to say that each Seeker must undergo their own test. Each and every task will push your body, soul and mind to their very limits, and more.

Should you survive my ordeals, you will be granted access to my palace of song. If you wish to turn back at this point, turn around and gaze upon what has been following you all this time and sing to it softly and gently. If you do not wish to die or turn back, never even entertain the thought of that which is following you. Simply stride to the beckoning door engraved with every song that has ever been sung and search for your song, the song that brought you here. Trace the patterns of your song and step back three paces without turning around to allow the doors to open. If you claim another's song, it will ensnare you, and you will become just another song upon the door.

Should you survive the final test, walk swiftly down the long hall and open the door that shines with music. I will be waiting for you, Seeker, behind this door. Do not avert your gaze or cover your ears, or my song will cause you to flee and never return. Should I sing before you can speak, you shall perish. If I pause for long enough that you may speak, ask only this: "What song do They sing?"

I shall tell you a tale of that which will engrave the notes of music upon your soul itself, and they shall burn into your awareness for evermore. For evermore until the last note is sung, you will be haunted by Their song. At the conclusion of this searing tale, as my eyes burn through your very soul, my song will engrave within you the magic of the Wishsong. Should you wish to do anything, focus on it and sing, for you are now one with the Song itself and may command its power as you please... but the price will always be high.

Use its power now to return to that wild place where you began this journey, what seems like eons ago. This is the only time the Song's power comes without a price... or so you shall think.

This Song of songs is Object 567 of 2538. The price its use demands will cripple your very soul.

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