I Will Find Them

Hello all, my name is Alexander.

And I will find them, each and every one.

I'm not going to make some attempt to curb your opinion. I know what will happen when they are brought together, and the reason is this.

I currently sit here with object number one. It's just sitting there, on the floor beside my desk. I thought I'd recount what really happens when you go after it, because it might keep you from doing it yourself. After all, I don't exactly want any competition.

I live in a sizable city in Ontario, Canada. Where I am exactly I won't indulge, but that's because this is the internet, and that would be stupid. Now then, on to my tale.

I walked to a local halfway house, the only one in the city I know of. I figured, if I did what this site said, then either it would happen, or I could play it off like a prank or something.

But I knew it would happen.

As soon as I stepped past the fence that marked the property, the air felt heavy, incredibly humid. I figure the Holder knew I was coming, maybe it could feel my intent as a seeker.

I started off exactly how the website said. As soon as I approached the woman at the counter, she asked me why I was there. It was pretty forceful, if I think about it, she almost yelled. A lot of the objects seem to be based on call and response, but whatever works I suppose. I tried to play it off as smoothly as I could, don't ask me why.

"I wanna see the Holder of the End"

It was at this point that everything changed. This site isn't exactly wrong, but it isn't right either. Or maybe it's different for everyone. The worker didn't seem afraid at all, so I thought I had done something wrong. But this was not the case. The worker looked around, and with a rushed tone, uttered a silent "follow me" before turning around and walking down the small hallway behind her.

Not wanting to chicken out, I followed, and once again I was dumbfounded, as the hallway did not scream at me, and did not seem endless. I took a step into the hallway and instantly felt nauseous, I bent over myself as images of death flashed into my mind. I was terrified of nothing, of this beige hallway with a woman standing at the end, next to a mahogany door, a deep red browned by the wood.The moment quickly passed and I regained my composure.

I Had to press on.

"This is where you'll find him, seeker." The worker now spoke in a wise, somewhat omnipotent way. "But please, I beg of you, reconsider. The objects were not meant for mortals."

"I've come this far, and I've made my decision. Now let me through please."

Without a word, the woman pulled a ring of keys from her pocket, and selected a rusted, somewhat stereotypical key, one that would in no way fit the door before us. However she instead lifted the key to a small hole, sitting just above the door frame, and turned. With her job done, she quickly left me and headed back to the counter.

I heard a soft click, and felt the air grow heavier still. It was time to begin. Not wanting to mess up, I pulled out a small pad of paper with notes on what was supposed to come. With my tools ready, I turned the handle of the door, and stepped into darkness.

Complete darkness.

The door that was once behind me seemed to trickle out of existence, as I quickly stepped back to reach once again for the handle, realizing it was no longer there.

Cautioned against standing still, I began to move, swiftly. Soon light came from the air, it seemed, and I found myself in a stone hallway, what I assumed was the "cell" described online.

Soon the other things I had read about would come as well.

I wasn't even fully aware of it at first, but the whispering was there. as it grew louder, I realized what was going on, and prepared for the worst, still continuing my hasty stride.

The whispers grew louder, and soon I could make them out, or at least something close to that. I couldn't understand a word of it, and yet I felt the messages they sent deep in my bones. First came warnings, things like "turn back" and "flee for your life" repeated themselves getting louder and louder. Soon the whispers became angry, and yet never rose above a whisper. Messages of pain became threats, and I felt a fear greater than anything experienced by someone unrelated to the objects, I'm sure. I wanted nothing more than for the whispers to stop, and found myself covering my ears, pinned to the wall out of pain and terror. And then suddenly, the hallway became quiet.

I slumped against the floor for a moment, regaining my composure in the silence I was gifted with. That was when I heard it.

A skittering, coming from somewhere in the hallway, which end I wasn't sure, but I remembered the rules. What would happen if the room became silent. I stood up, still pinned to the wall and shouted at the top of my lungs.


After a moment, the skittering ceased, and was replaced by a faint whispering. I didn't want to have to wait for the whispering to grow again, so I ran. I ran for as long as I could, and when I couldn't run I speed-walked. Anything to get out of that hallway.

I saw the door.

It was right in front of me, only a few feet away in an instant. It was a great steel door, with only a slot to peer through. It had to be the door to the Holder's cell. In a foolish instant of triumph I threw open the door.

There he sat, huddled in the corner was an old man, his skin as gray as his hair, huddled over The End, speaking in tongues not heard in centuries. I stepped forward, and stated my question clearly.

"What happens when they come together?"

That was when my life ended. I have seen things no human should ever seen, been told secrets that should never have formed in the first place. I thought I'd go insane, I must have been listening to him for at least a day or two, although I'm not exactly sure what the date is anymore.

This is where things changed again. The man finished his story, and promptly stood up, I assume in an attempt to kill me, as the website says.

But he didn't. He tried, but he was feeble, and I crushed him in an instant, leaving his corpse on the cold floor of that cell. I will not go into details on how this occurred, if anything to protect what little humanity I have left. The object lay in the shadow of the corner, even in complete darkness I knew it was there.

I tore the cloth that the old man wore from his body and threw it into the corner, covering the object. After all, I musn't look at it.

I walked freely back to the door, which was now lit from behind, the hallway of the halfway house lying just beyond it. I assumed that it was The End that let me leave, it was the only thing that had really changed.

Just as I reached for the doorknob, I heard a faint whispering from behind me. Apparently the old man was made of tougher stuff than I had thought.

And so I sit here, at my computer, with object number one at my side. I have been told of what will come should the objects meet. I have already begun mapping out the order in which I'll be obtaining the rest of them. The horrors I have seen, were also followed by euphoria. A great cataclysm to end all cataclysms, or a savior, meant to heal the world. Which will I be, when I bring them together.

Only I know, you'll just have to wait and see.

I will have them.

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