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The shock of the impact runs up my arm. Legion screams. It is not his roar of anger, but a scream of agony. An unearthly feeling of peace, a feeling unlike any other, settles over me. My eyes close as I let it wash over me, and my body relaxes as my revenge is sated after all these long centuries of waiting.


I turn my head to see three figures watching. I see there Balance, Yochanan, and an individual I don’t recognize. Anger boils inside me at the site of these interlopers intruding upon my vindication. Balance and the one I do not recognize appear next to “Legion’s” corpse. I see Yochanan rush Pessum Ire and Essum. It’s his funeral. I raise the Black King’s Sword and make a decapitating swing at the one closest to me. “Devaide!” Balance shouts. Devaide turns his head to see the Black King’s Sword inches from his face. Balance appears in front of him. He holds up some kind of robe in the hopes of blocking my sword. My sword hits the robe-

-And bounces off. “What the-“ I rage, before I realize. That robe must have been the Toga of the Gods, one of the Objects that hates me most. Rage builds in me at this man, who intruded upon my retribution. The Toga disintegrates, and becomes absorbed into Balance’s cloak, which glows a brilliant white. Balance shoves me in the chest, and I fly back, into Pessum Ire. As I struggle to stand, what I see causes me to lose myself. Devaide’s hand touches “Legion’s”, and “Legion” stands back up.

“No!” I shout. “Legion” roars, the diamond in his chest flaring with new light. He charges at me, sheathing the White King’s Sword. “No, no, no, no, no no! “Legion” tackles me to the ground. His fists crash into my face, one after another. I hear him shrieking in rage at me as he pummels my face over and over again. Summoning what is left of my strength, I kick him off of me. “Legion” flies back some distance before coming to rest. He roars again, and stands back up.

Before he can attack me again, Edo Edi Essum turns toward him. “Legion” screams and falls to his knees, his nose and ears bleeding. With “Legion” momentarily incapacitated, I turn my attention to Balance. He catches my eye as I charge straight toward him. The Black King’s Sword whistles through the air before impacting some kind of magical shield Balance erected. However, his look of relief is soon shattered when he sees that my sword his cracking and grating away at the barrier. In a few seconds, I will have destroyed the shield. “Is that it?” Balance taunts, “all of this hard work, and Edo Edi Essum is going to get your revenge for you? Pathetic!” I laugh.

I jump away, disengaging myself from Balance.

I nod to Edo Edi Essum.

A monstrous flash of light envelops both of us. I can hear the interlopers cry out in shock as Essum and I escape. It occurs to me briefly that we have abandoned Pessum Ire. I realize I no longer care. Searing pain envelops me as I am transported to the Void.

Battered and beaten, I drift once again through the Void. Essum floats silently beside me as I absently study the Black King’s Sword. I had won, I think to myself, I had won. I had bested “Legion”. I, Infectos Essun, had bested the most powerful being on the planet. And then, it was all taken from me. Taken by that meddling bastard Balance!

Do you want revenge?

Essum’s words surprise me. I convulse in agony as they reach me. I feel them crawling across my skin, taste them like fouled blood on my tongue. “Y-yes…” I manage to choke out.

Do you want power?


I can give it all to you. I can give you the power to destroy Legion, to annihilate Balance. But, you must swear your fealty to me.

I feel Edo Edi Essum’s words constricting me.


The words are worming around inside of my head. I feel as if my mind is being torn apart. Power flows around me. It is more heavy, more intense than anything I have ever felt before. I feel my bones cracking under the weight of it. I can feel my body breaking, giving way.

“Yes,” I manage to gasp, “I… want power. I want revenge. I want to destroy all those that stand… in my way. Edo Edi Essum, I swear… my loyalty to you. My life… is yours.”

Good. Now, there is one last task you must complete. One more, and I shall give you the power to crush Legion, to crush Balance, to crush Yochanan. One more and you shall become my champion, my servant. You must tell me your name.

My name. I must tell Edo Edi Essum my name. What is my name? I cast about in my enfeebled mind. I cannot think of it. All I feel is pain and fatigue. Terror grips me. I must find my name! I must tell Edo Edi Essum my name! I must! Suddenly, a feeling of peace sweeps over me. I remember my name. It has always been my name, although I never knew it. I feel foolish for never realizing it.

“My name… is Edo Infectus."

Yes. Say it again.

"MEy naDme iOs Edo Infectus."

It feels strange, saying that, like it isn't actually my name, it can't be my name. What? Of course it is!

What is your name?

"MEy naDme.. MOy naEme- iDs EsIsu- Edo Infectus..."

Is it?

"I... I'Em nDot EntiOrely sEure... IDf I haIve a naEme... anymSore... I aSm sUo conMfused ... EssumEssum."

You do not know your name?

EDO My EDI name ESSUM is EDOEDIESSUM Edo Infectus!

To be continued in Venaliter.

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