On late Friday, June 25, 2010, a local broadcaster in Canton, Ohio was hijacked by a foreign signal. The broadcast lasted for only five minutes, but gained a lot of attention by city officials.

The image was made difficult to distinguish through the static, even though the audio was remarkably clear. The image was of a man sitting behind a desk with sharp black hair, and seemed to either be baring his teeth--or more likely--missing his lips entirely. Red, bloody squares were evident over his face and bare torso that suggested he was missing segments of epidermis. The wall behind him was of wood paneling, but small writhing shapes kept rolling down it in the background. They were white, the size of a small raccoon, and possessed five limbs, but no other details could be distinguished.

Behind the sound of the man speaking, a breathing sound could be heard. There were no breaks in what appeared to be a long, soft, wheezing exhale.

"Hello, my love. It's been so long since we were last together, that sometimes I don't miss you anymore. Have you found the meaning of life yet? Have you found where the green sky ends and the red ocean begins? I've been away for too long. Looking for love and looking for lost. Looking for more long corpses to twirl my fingers around. Their molten skin so good against my twiddly fingers.

"Have you found your Holder, my love? Have you found the one to hold your heart? Your liver? Your guts? Your brain? Your tongue? If I hold your tongue, my love, will you whisper me words of wisdom? If I hold your brain, will I dig my teeth in and taste what you were thinking? If I hold your heart, my love, will you be able to love me like They do?

"You don't belong to anyone but me. I'll tear you apart. I'll wear your intestines like a crown. I'll wear your face like a mask. I'll use your eyes as finger puppets. I'll stew a lovely teeth stew, boiled with your curdled blood and sweetened with your lymph."

By this time, the man rose from his desk and walked around it. His legs appeared to have been split lengthwise into several long strips. The bones that remained moved him forward while the strips of flesh, still pulsating and bleeding, trailed behind him like strips of a dress. The white figures started crawling over the desk now, and tiny, scratching limbs appeared on the edge of the camera lens.

He licked the camera.

"I taste your love. I taste your fear. Come to me, my lovelies. I have 538 holes in my heart for you."

He then pressed his bloody chest against the lens of the camera before the signal cut out.

120 people were treated at hospitals around the area over the next week, with 35 being diagnosed and treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and 4 being diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and being placed in mental hospitals in the greater Cleveland area. Police have yet to find the culprit of the signal hijack, and the channel affected has refused all interviews.

The congealed, red liquid appearing to seep from the monitors of the televisions that received the signal has yet to be explained.

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