Her name was Joy. My, she was beautiful. Why someone in a form like that became the being she was, is something I'll never know, and I've seen and experienced some pretty horrible things in my time. She was a Seeker, looking for Holders of various Objects.

I was coming home from doing naughty things. What those things were, I'll leave to your imagination. It's more twisted that way. Hey, give me some credit. I'm a Holder, after all. She came looking for my Object. She followed the instructions I left behind, even taking into account changes that would have occurred since they were written. I have to say, she was a good Seeker. Most of them never get as far as she did.

She followed everything she had read in the story, right down to looking for me at an intersection, stopped at a red light. "You're seriously looking for the Holder of Safety?" I asked her. She didn't even flinch. Most of the better Seekers start off this way, so I wasn't expecting much, but her cold "Yes" was charming. It was as if she was trying to make Seeking seem effortless, stylish and necessary at the same time. Still, that was nothing new. I had a lot more in store for her.

"Then you'd better start moving fast, because time is ever finite."

At that moment, the light turned green. She was riding a bike, too, so it wasn't hard for her to keep up with me. We arrived at my apartment, locked our bikes, and went inside. I started making the spaghetti. The green chile was my land's famous Autumn Roasted, so the spaghetti sauce had an extra bite to it. And before you ask, no, I'm not the kind of sicko who would put human flesh into the pasta sauce, or use pasta made from ground bone meal. This was ordinary spaghetti with green chile and tomato sauce. I even held the cyanide, seeing as how I don't even have any to begin with. Where I come from, spaghetti with green chile is a delicacy. Try it sometime, but watch out, it's spicy.

She seemed to rather like it. Indeed, she cleaned her plate. That doesn't happen often, because most of them are scared off by the spicy after the first bite. This would be where I ventured to ask why she Seeks the Holder of Safety, but she was ahead of me.

"I won't lie to you, Holder," she said. "I hate." It was all I could do to keep from bursting out laughing when she said that. "I'm willing to bring them together just so that all the things I hate can be annihilated." That second thing wasn't nearly as funny. "How many of them do you have?" She took her purse and showed me something. It looked like the bones of a finger. "Shit," I said. "You have THAT one? Do you have any of the others?" She reached into her purse and showed me a bottle of pills. "What else? Come on, if you have both of those you must have some of the others." She looked at me. It was then that I noticed her left eye. It seemed to glow with an inner pulsing light. I knew that something had to be done.

"Did you choose to blind yourself to the good in the world, or are you refusing to let go of some old trauma that doesn't serve you anymore?" She didn't like that, and lashed out with incomprehensible screaming about how horribly wronged she was throughout her whole life, and how reuniting the Objects was the only thing that could possibly alleviate her pain. All the while, I couldn't help but feel a growing disdain for this woman, because her story was nothing new. She had already failed the test, by mentioning that she wanted to bring them together, and she had gone past the point where I would have let her walk free by trying to blame me for refusing to hand over the Charms.

I took the staff and jammed it under her nose, lodging the bone in her brain. She was dead. Her glowing eye started to shake violently, then it vanished in a burst of light. The bone-finger and the bottle of pills disappeared, too. Strange sounds, like someone being dragged somewhere they didn't want to go, began emanating from her purse. Her body began to rapidly dissolve into nothingness. Apparently she had a few Objects that became a part of her being, too. At least I didn't have to dump the body. That's always a pain in the ass.

So I still carry the Charms, awaiting the next Seeker. Will it be you?

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