Keeping us Better

Written by: Arca

Over the years A.G. Industries has been hounding Seekers all over the world. A secret company with even more secret goals. Rumors about "Them" flood all through the Seeker grapevine: Some say they want to control the world. Other say that they simply want to stop evil Seekers. Some even say they don't even exist. But this is not a tale about the company as a whole, but about the company's current CEO. L. Rockwell. A man willing to do anything to get what he wants.

We are long past the golden age of the Holders, where they would keep all of the Objects. The Objects are almost all in the hands of humans, which are arguably worse. The few Objects that are not held by humans or Holders are kept by much more sinister beings. That is the world we live in. That is the world we thrive in. That is the world I want.

Author's note:
This series was written out of order, and though it can be read either way, it is interesting to read it in the order I wrote. Whether you do so is up to you, but I will list the written order here for those who would like to do so.

The Fairytale. - Professional. - Heartbeat. - Chains. - Home. - Rebirth. - Breadcrumbs. - Envenom. - Portal. - Otherside. - Better. - Rain.





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The Fairytale.



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