Labors in Futility.

They say there's a man who walks the earth today, a man who's thousands of years old. He's been through things we humans can't imagine, they say. He's still nothing more than a piece of detritus, bit of debris, tossed and blown about in the raging storm of life and existence. No one knows who he is. What he does. Why he continues to exist. Continues to labor in futility.

Is ingredior inter nos , tamen non est unus nostrum.
He walks among us, but he is not one of us.

His work is never done.

1. Work

2. Ritual

3. Hunt

4. Anniversary

5. Scrutiny

6. Bleeding Out

7. Trapped

8. Hunter

9. Phantasm

10. Atreus

11. Revelation

12. Schism

13. Downfall



~by Edeatsyourface
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