Legion of Balance

Continued from Balancing Emptiness.

“Finding me must have taken quite some time.”
“It wasn’t as hard as one would think.”
“I'm sure.”

Dallas couldn’t have found him on his own, so he got some help from one of his old friends. Michael, his name was. A Seeker, or at least he had been, until Legion took all his objects. Now he was just a man. A man with a grudge.

Which was precisely why he decided to help Balance.

At first he thought Balance was a Seeker, but then he told him. He told him about his task, his purpose. Dallas told him about the yin and yang, the evil and good. He said he was the Balance, Michael didn’t believe him at first, but Dallas convinced him eventually.

He convinced him with a bribe.

Michael wanted the Apple.

And if he led Balance to Legion, He would get it for him.

“What do you want?”
“I want you to reconsider your objectives, Legion.”
“What goal? ...oh, bringing them together? No thanks.”
“You're aware your quest will bring an end to everything."
“That’s the plan.”

Michael had grown a beard by the age of 15, and it seemed as though he had never shaved it. Dallas knew that he grew it to cover the scars on his face. Michael was a violent child. For most of his young adult life, he had fought someone daily, and although murder was not yet in his list of sins, he had come close all too often. His actions helped tip the scale for the worse. Hopefully, once Dallas got him the Apple, he’d use it for good. Balance doubted it, but his hope equalized the doubt.

Michael led Dallas to the subway station, where three homeless men sat around a small fire made in a burning barrel. Michael walked up to one and asked very politely if he could talk to Legion. The homeless men stood up, produced weapons, and began beating him. Michael took a few blows before he put all three down with some unknown style of martial arts. They were all dead within moments, necks snapped in half. Michael could finally add murder to his list.

“I cannot allow you to bring them together, Legion.”
“You think you have the power to stop me?”
“I have more power than you presume of me.”
“We shall see.”

Amazingly (or, rather, very cliché), the men stood up again, bowed to Michael, and allowed him to pass through a gate that had opened up on the wall behind him. He called back to Dallas that he was to do the same. So he did. Calmly did he take down each Hobo in turn, only to have them stand back up, bow, and open the gate for him as well. Balance walked through; Michael was waiting on the other side.

Before them was a massive cavern. Unholy decals weaved their way into the blue rock, which seemed to glow slightly with an unearthly hue. The bridge seemed to stretch an impossible eight or nine kilometers towards the huge front doors of a fortress. Its walls were carved with giant gothic faces, all of which had giant crystals emitting a yellow light from their eyes. The huge stronghold itself was made from the same eerie blue stone in the cavern... in fact, now that he thought about it, it seemed the fortress itself was built into the massive cave wall. It was truly extraordinary. Michael pointed to the door, asked me, “Can you get us there any faster than walking?” Dallas nodded, grabbed Michael's hand-

-And they were there.

Michael flung the doors open, creating a thunderous echo when they collided with the walls on either side. Michael was definitely stronger than he looked. He hid behind a pillar and whispered to Dallas, “Well, go on. Call for him.”


Balance heard swift footsteps from somewhere inside the mansion; they kept getting louder and louder.

“So, what? You’re just going to kill me, Balance?”
“You’re equally as arrogant as Jack.”
“Don’t you
dare compare me to him!”
“Offend you, did I?”
“That man ruined my life!”
“He has a tendency to do that. Yet your own words are naught but hypocrisy.”
“Enough! You think you’re so powerful? Fight me!”
“With pleasure.”

Legion came toward Dallas. He wore a sort of leather armour and a golden cape. His facial features were straight cut. He was easily seven feet tall, and his body looked rock solid (though it might have just been the armour). He had white-blonde hair, his fists were the size of watermelons, and somehow in his godlike features, he had a satanic darkness bout him. The whites of his eyes, although still white, seemed to radiate pure darkness. His mouth looked like it was the maw of hate itself.

The two trash-talked each other for a moment before the impurity inside Legion took control and he began to grow extremely violent. He began yelling, began taunting Dallas; it was only a matter of time before Legion struck him. His blow alone sent Dallas reeling backward; Legion was easily the strongest man Balance had ever encountered. Dallas didn’t know if it was from ages spent focusing his physical strength, of if his Object’s power had strengthened over the eons. Either way, this man needed to be balanced.

“You’re not so tough, Balance.”
“I have no need to flaunt my power in such an infantile test of will.”
“Then show me!”
“Tach-Falsh Tonah!”
“What the Hell is that in your hands?”
“It's called a Tach-Falsh Tonah, a spirit bomb.”
“What does it do?”
“Well, Mighty Legion, that depends.”
“On what?”
“Whether or not you have any soul left.”

Balance gathered a Tach-Falsh Tonah in his hands. It was a glowing blue orb, about the size of a cantaloupe. It’s a gift from the Gods, either destroying evil or converting it to good. Either way, when Balance threw it at Legion, the ball struck him in the chest. When it did, Dallas swore he saw some of the darkness leave his foe, but it could have just been the shadows. Legion buckled over, clutching his chest, and began cursing. When he looked up, the stern and unbreakable expression that had dominated his face moments ago had softened up a bit.

Yet Balance could still feel potent evil inside of him; he could still feel his impurity and his lust for the Objects' power. But there was less. Significantly so. Maybe all Balance did was remove the evil at this moment, temporarily suppressing the darkness within him. Still, he had done what he set out to accomplish. The Balance had found the Legion, and now he could keep tabs on him, and balance any unbalance he caused. Michael hurried Dallas out the door, ecstatic about what he had just done. They left, but not before Balance swiped an apple out of Legion’s sash, who made a grab for it (it was nothing short of amazing that he still had the energy), but missed and fell flat on his face.

As Dallas passed through the gate where the homeless men were, he heard a sound that made Michael shake with fear, one that would have made Balance's old self cower in a ball.

He heard Legion’s hate-filled roar.

“Come on! Let's go!”
“Michael, I must implore you to calm down. He isn’t following us anywhere.”
“You don’t know him like that! Look! He’s getting up! Let's go!”
“But your Object -- there we go.”
“To Hell with it! I don’t want it anymore! Let's go!”

“That was close, Balance.”
“I disagree; Now then, here’s your Apple.”
“Thanks. You do realize you just pissed off the most powerful human being on the planet, right?”
“That’s quite a contradiction.”
“Whatever you say man. Listen, do me a favour, and never ever look for me again, alright?”
“Agreed… Oh, and Michael, one more thing.”
“Doom will want it back."

Continued in The Balance in Doom.

Part of The Balance Saga.
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