Legion of Balance/Discussion

I'm really, really liking this series. It's almost as good as Finding the End.

Well done. -- MisterVercetti

Thank you :) -Dallas

I must confess, I was skeptical of this series at first, what with the whole "all-powerful" thing. However, you're pulling it off really well, and it's turning out to be quite excellent. Bravo.

If you don't like the conversation, just chop off that bit. The hatefilled roar part would be a good conclusion.-Torodugoru

I like the conversation, i just cant think how i can end it Epicer. More Epically*** -Dallas

Expolsions. An expolision makes EVERYTHING epic. Or you could have some twist. Reveal a side effect of immortallity curse ma-gigger. I think Jack would be a little more creative than (and generally not very good at) making people immortal.-Torodugoru

well the twist was that as long as all the men were alive they'd be immortal. Legion wont die cause hes fucking LEGION, Doom couldn't die cause he was a holder. and Michael was the odd man out, he could die, but nobody's killed him yet. -Dallas
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