(Continued from Death)

So you are still thirsty for the knowledge of the Damned, Seeker? Very well then, before I continue, I shall ask you to fulfill me one simple request:

Define life.

I can see you balking, Seeker; I can see the sweat dripping from your brow. Why so nervous, Seeker? Do you believe I seek to kill you? Nay, for if I had so wished, you would have been dead even before your procreation began. I merely asked so I can introduce to you the next of the Objects of Power:

The Fountain of Life.

You and your primitive race have circulated the myth of the so-called Fountain of Youth. Little do you all know, that there was actually a powerful Fountain of some sort, not of youth, but of Life. Even being present in the same locality as the Fountain would rejuvenate your soul, and make you young again. Therefore the legend of the Fountain of Youth, as It became known, spread throughout the Universe.

The elderly traversed long distances so their youth could be renewed. Those on the brink of death made a pilgrimage to the Fountain so their wounds could be healed. They all thought that their life was being renewed. They did not know that It was being siphoned away from them.

Therefore, It came as a shock to all those who went to the Fountain, to see one of the most frequent users, an ancient entity named Ren'Alevium, disintegrate into dust and bone right after he had been returned to his youth.

The Fountain's appetite for life only grew. And Its ability to siphon life only became stronger with each life It claimed. It soon gained the ability to siphon life away from the planet that It was situated on. What was once a hub for galaxies became a gray, withered husk. To even call that planet a shadow of its former self would be an overstatement.

After all life had been siphoned away from Its own planet, the Fountain produced an unusual green liquid from the life that It had absorbed. This liquid tainted the once pure waters of the Fountain, and It slowly began to spread across the surface of the planet.

This liquid was the essence of "Life" incarnate. And It does everything in Its power to harm those who take life away. Unfortunately, due to the mere fact and burdens of existence, every sentient being is Life's enemy, including you, Seeker. Its power allowed It to traverse through space and time as easily as one muddles through water. It even battled Them and nearly wiped all of Them from the face of existence. And It very nearly removed His life force from his being. Through a concerted effort by every living being in the Universe, Life was somehow contained. Even though all that effort has been put into Its containment, every now and then, It somehow manages to seep out and taint this Universe. Those taints are irremovable, and civilizations die in a matter of minutes. Lush, vibrant worlds become dark dead spots void of life.

Therefore, be wary when confronting Life, for It will, without hesitation, easily steal yours from you.

(Continued in Healing)
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