Making a Deal

If you wait outside the Tower he shall be busy. He might agree so you will leave. He may kill you, it is your risk.

If you wait by the Estate he shall be returning from a job will done. You might take advantage of his good mood. He is god there, though, so you brave the fires of Hell.

If you wait by the Gates of Hell he might be angry with defeat or longing for amusement. Hope for the latter.

Do not sleep by these places.

The wait shall be long.

Be sure you are prepared.

If you trade him years of your life he will take them and bottle them. He will eventually grant them to his friend or wife and you shall feel your life being lived.

If you trade him your soul he will take it and wear it. Some say he knits them into the fibres of his suit, but they are wrong. They are in a small cage in a secret place in his head. It is a dark place. They are screaming.

If you trade him an Object, or power, or secrets he will cheat you. He is a frugal man and will spend less than he earns.

If you offer to do a task he might size you up and look you over. Pray he says yes.

If you give him your body after your death he will craft himself a servant. You shall work tirelessly for him.

If you give him wealth or goods he will laugh. Perhaps he might not simply kill you and do your task poorly; for his amusement.

Do not try to cheat him.

You cannot break oath.

Lies will award you torment unnamed.

If you ask him for wealth, or power, or joy he will give it to you. It will taste of ash in your mouth. When you kill yourself he might laugh. None shall mourn.

If you ask for a murder to be done or a place destroyed he will break it. The guilt might madden you, if not; the destruction he makes will be unimagined, unsuspected and sickening. He will catch your tears as they fall.

If you wish an item fetched or something stolen he will be indignant. You will have made a powerful enemy this day.

If you ask for life it will be granted. As the stars wear down he shall sit by your side and smile his cruel smile.

Name your task well and wisely, he shall obey it to the letter.

Make sure it is worthwhile, the cost will be steep.

Do not pause to let him speak: his words are true but crafty.

After it is done he shall ask you; “Are you pleased?”

Say yes and he will call you liar. He might only remove your tongue if he is generous that day.

Say no and he will take insult. This will earn you a curse and an early grave.

Or you may tell him that it was done well. You shall be forced to live with what you have wished for and what you have given away. Perhaps this is the worst fate.

As he turns on his heel and walks away you shall hate him.

Because of his mad, evil grin.

Because of his long, cruel laugh.

Because of his cold, dead eyes.

Because he gave you what you wanted.

And he’ll never take it back.

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