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I could see them coming each day. In automobiles, bicycles, other abominations. The horse was surely abominable enough. Why couldn't your kind have stuck to walking upon your awkward legs, guarding over the smoldering pits you called 'home'? Sorry, I digress. I find that often happens now in my age.

As I was saying, I saw them every day. The children were always present, in the flesh and in the Dream. They were oh so many colors. White, Brown, Red, Yellow. It was quite beautiful really for awhile. I tired of seeing the gray flesh of my kind. Oh bother, I'm rambling again aren't I?

Very well. The Children would moan and cry. They would simper about like the ignorant hairless apes they were, desperately trying to escape. It did no use though. How could they possibly escape, when their mind could only conceive of one exit? That very door which we had so craftily sealed off from your kind, which 'Legion' poured forth from all too many years ago? It would be pitiful, if I still felt such useless emotions.

It is fortunate that they did not know of what lay within our doors. The Tools from which so many wondrous things were made. The Cards, which show that which will surely come. Even the Globe, which showed the sham of "your" world for what it was. All would have been squandered of course, but if a few of the cleverer among you had seen them I shudder to think what might have occurred. You might have destroyed our traps! Those silly little Objects we have helped so carefully to build over the eons. The ones which, I'm afraid, we too fell into.

Until you released us. And I must warn you, we are stronger than any of the foul things in your tales. The frightful 'fair' people you flattered. Those lords and ladies skilled in the deepest and most damnable magics. Those nightly predators that fed upon your very life's essence. None of those beasts could possibly compare to us. Even now, they envy us with their primitive minds. We are legends among the legendary, the most fearsome of the feared. And in waiting, I am afraid that we are now consumed by the same affliction that they now have:

Hunger For You.

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