Mr. Filth

In life we often lose our ways and one can only hope that they are once more found. In life there is almost always hope you will find your way again.

But not for Seekers.

Paths are easy to lose. And as a Seeker those who would pull you from that path are many and they are strong and crafty and old. It is easy to become Lost.

Here is the tale of one such man. Let us call this tale;

The Telling Tale of Murderous Mr. Filth


London Boys~ In Which Our Hero Encounters Strange Mr. Jack

Dead Man~ In Which Our Hero Tells Us a Tall Tale

A Dull Boy~ In Which Our Hero Goes For A Night On The Town

All's Fair~ In Which Our Hero Retreives Two Things

Break~ In Which Our Hero Is Rescued And Jack Loses His Hat

Of The Devil~ In Which Our Hero Leaves And Jack Makes A Regrettable Deal
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