Northglenn, Colorado is a beautiful place.

Or at least, it appears so upon the surface. But this is merely a cover, a slowly crumbling facade stretching seven miles. There are thousands that live within its boundaries, but only one who knows of the truth. Centuries before the town even came into being, she was shunned as a witch. The reality is far worse, but you are not ready to know of it yet. Perhaps you will be in time. All I can tell you now is how to make things better, if it is not already too late.

Go to the outskirts of Northglenn, to its eastern side. You will see a great black boarding house, narrow but extending six stories above you. Knock upon the door, and wait for what appears to be a small girl to let you in. She will appear to be no more than six years of age, but she is almost certainly older than you. Do not talk to her before you have given her your one request: "Lead me to the one you serve, Alice." She will shake and cry, but after much sobbing will do as you request. ''Legion ate father, she let him free'' she'll tell you.

You will be directed to the sixth floor by her. You will be greeted by the woman at room number 216. She will smile a toothy, shark-like grin. So long as you live, even should all your senses fail you, it will linger on in your mind. When you have been let in, take out a knife. Stab her immediately, taking great care to rip her stomach open. Do not worry about the police or neighbors. Should you succeed, you will find a Silver Bell with the words 'A Sound Of The End' engraved upon it. No matter how much you shake it, it will not ring by your hand. Take it and leave the house with Alice immediately. Watch over both for the rest of your days.

And pray that the Bell does not ring.

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