Our Destroyers

It was long after our forefathers had abandoned the surface that we finally gave in to the fact that we had become an endangered species. Of course, we knew it was not their fault that they had to tunnel deeper into the ground, building new walls and settlements to keep us warm and safe. For above ground it was nothing but darkness, nothing but black. They say it was just another day when the creatures finally found a way to combat the very light that kept my ancestors safe. The creatures had been led by the most powerful members of their kin. The purest forms of them lead the march into our cities, and through what we can only assume as the darkest of magics, ripped apart the very light from the heavens. They cut us from our hope, our warmth, and our safety. Those who couldn't escape were ripped to pieces and feasted upon. Our elders did their best to keep the monsters at bay, though it all seemed hopeless. However through the power we held together, we managed to tunnel our way to safety, and create this city.

Helightiss. That's what our ancestors named our new haven, and with walls and fire we manage to create a defence the creatures could not ever break through. Or so we believed. It was a hard change at first I hear, but over the hundreds of years our eyes began to become more adjusted to the darkness, and to the hot humid floor of the caves, and some wondered if we would soon too become beasts. But we managed to keep our individualism, and built homes and libraries in order to preserve our culture, and we taught our young to be wary of the surface, and to always work together. Every now and then a scout is sent up to map the area around us, and only the best scouts return. Of course, every now and then, someone else becomes curious, and heads of to the surface alone. We never ever see them again.

They call it The Void now. As it is nothing but a dead planet, and though our structures of the past remain, they are all empty and uninhabited. The knowledge of our civilization of the past waits there for us. So much knowledge and so much power. Some of the higher council believe that if we could get to those texts, we could find a way to reclaim the surface. Many others believe this to be nothing more than a suicide mission. Tayl argues that it if we lent him a troop of our finest warriors and enough torches and fire, he could make it to the nearest library, the one we know the most about. The council is divided. Some think it is too dangerous, and some even believe it would be wiser to find another library. Any but the one nearby. Tayl believes if the Library could have been so useful to use before, it could be again. He reminds them that without the Library nearby, we could never have managed to disperse the numbers of the creatures so much. They were weakened, and without their leaders it may be safe to retake the world.

It wasn't on purpose that we manage to get rid of the leaders of the creatures so easily. It was originally meant as an escape. A scout by the name of Ger had managed to find the library, and when finding several creatures nearby, hid out for what he believed was several hours. Finding the way to be clear, he managed to grab a few books and escape. One of the books was more important then the rest, one full of information of the deepest magics. Magics our ancestors never used out of fear. But we found our escape. We had tunnelled our way to safety, deep underground. Now we could tunnel our way to another world. We just need several ingredients, and a nearby nexus. The library's would have to do.

When the portal was opened it took it a few hours before it connected to another world. One of light. Our people finally rejoiced at the idea of freedom. However, the portal was not entirely stable, and that world and ours began to blend together. The Library shifted into a darker place, nearly a maze, however our ancestors weren't prepared to let go of the portal. Our scouts found ways through the mazes and plotted new paths. When our elders were prepared, they opened the portal even further, and that is when all fell apart. The creatures knew. They broke into the library corrupting everything with their touch. They slaughtered almost all of our warrior but could not approach the portal of light. It was far to strong for them to even be in the same area as it. So the creatures waited. The remaining elders were trapped. They had no idea what they could do. Using what remained of their magic they hid themselves in the walls of the Library and prepared to close the portal. But that is when the purest forms of the creatures made their way into the room. The ones who were strong enough to make our world one of darkness forever, approached our only way out of this world. The elders saw that they had been weakened. Even the creatures required sustenance, and with us underground, their numbers had dwindled. The once immense army of pure creatures had been dispersed, but their interest in the portal worried our elders. But without a single word between them, they had to watch as the monsters corrupted their portal of light, darkening it into a mere Hole into another world. Then the creatures entered the portal. The remaining weaker creatures dispersed.

Our elders don't talk much of that day, and though we should be grateful that the beasts are now somewhere else, I for one wonder where they went. What world did they enter? And how could that world possibly be prepared for them? Elder Ghull once told me more of the story. Something no one else knew of. That the purest monsters shifted their forms, not by choice, when they entered the Hole. The world on the other side was too bright for them to exist freely. So they reached into their own magic and created cover for themselves. They broke their collective power into many smaller fragments and it allowed them to all hide amongst the light. The Purest of Monsters left us that day.

The oldest records of them called them The Facets. Unlike the lesser creatures that followed them, The Facets themselves were pure negative energy. Their power and forms were mirrors of our lives, our views, our loves.

They aren't here any more.

I wonder where they are.

I wonder what they want.

That's not true.

I know what they want.

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