Our Epilogue.

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The pages are empty after that. You flip through it all quickly one more time, digesting what you just read. A part of you finds the whole thing ridiculous, another part finds is intriguing.

“Have you looked into any of this?” you ask without taking you eyes off the book.

The man across from you smiles. You realize you are not the first one who he has invited into his private home, showed off his book collection, pausing to show this specific diary. He chuckles to himself, telling you that he has, but everything came up fruitlessly.

“Odd then isn't it?” you say while looking at the cover.

“Yes, it is. But some things are just never meant to be answered.”

You're inclined to agree. You flip back to the first page, where a bright red logo of an A and a G have been stamped.

“Well enough about that, let me show you my leopard skin. There is quite the tale behind that one!” and that's how the rest of the night continues. However you can't get the book quite out of your head. When you think back on it, it is kind of strange.

But you know, that even just for a moment, you fingers touched the very edge of magic and horror. The likes this world has never seen.
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