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Sent: Fri, Oct 12th, 2002, 11:54 P.M.
Subject: Here they are.
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That's the last of the tapes. I watched them all, every single damn one of them. I don't care that you'll have me killed. Knowing what I do now, it's all worth it.

You sick bastard. He didn't deserve what you did to him.

He was certainly more human than you are. And you created him, don't forget that. If this got out...God, you'd be done. A.G. would be done. Hell, EVEN THE SEEKERS WOULD BE OUT OF A JOB.

But you're going to keep this locked up nice and tight aren't you? I'll say it again, you sick bastard. Don't you realize, even get it? How could humanity BENEFIT from this? The universe itself would be out of danger for good! And you're going to BURN THEM! You'll burn all of these tapes?!!

I know by the time this message reaches you, I'll probably be dead or worse. I know how you berate, I've given you what you want, now it's time for me to go. Well you got your wish, he's gone now. I doubt any of us will ever hear from him again. Let alone will anyone be able to do what he was trying to do. He would've saved us all.

I hope you burn. I hope when these stupid tapes are burned to ash, when all of them are gone, YOU start burning with them. You and that stupid grin of yours, and that stupid suit and everything you stand for.

I'll be rolling in my grave the day A.G. is dead with you.

You're evil.

Wow...you sonuvabitch. I can hear your men at the door; your PEOPLE are already here for me! What a good little tool you are, working under, for, and because of Them. There are greater things in this world than the Objects, Rockwell. Keep that in mind after you watch these tapes and burn them.

God help us all should you succeed.

-Alfred Johannson

------------Email ends here.

Witness Name: Alfred Johannson
Date of Birth: Saturday, Sept. 28th 1945.
Age: 57
Date of Death: Saturday, Oct 13th, 2002
Relation to Unit: Viewed Audio/Visual Tapes


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