Ryan's Notebook

To whoever finds this notebook, let me state that everything stated here is absolutely true; I’ve done the research myself. So be forewarned, you might not be able to stomach the secrets that the Objects keep, even from Seekers. In some cases, those secrets are even kept from Holders. You should really close this book now, for your own safety.

However, you did find this notebook. That has to be worth something…

That’s what’s written on the first page of my notebook. I try to keep it on my person at all times. Who knows what could happen if another Seeker, or, God forbid, one of Them, found all of my research.

I shudder at the thought before returning to my work. I decided to tackle an easier subject tonight: chronicling my account of obtaining the Dagger of the Rails. Then another distraction comes up.

“Hey Ryan, whadaya writin’ this time?” It’s Daniel, another Seeker, stumbling in drunk, and back from getting the Statue of Ashes. The first part of that I know from his company for the last few weeks. He’s been following me and thinking of me as a mentor. God knows why. The last part, however, comes from the Mark. It’s almost a burden knowing the truth behind whatever you look at, but it gives me something to write down. That’s the closest thing to a purpose I’ve ever had as a Seeker.

He falls on an old upholstered chair. We’re in a run down building at the edge of the city. Some call it a safe haven for Seekers. The Mark tells me that They just haven’t showed up yet. Another shiver goes down my spine.

“How’d it go with Ashes?” I ask, partly out of formality, but mostly to avoid answering. Daniel isn’t what I’d call a friend. Although he does prove himself useful from time to time, I’m not about to show him the contents of my tireless research yet.

He stutters on about how he almost slipped up and how he got the statue. I get bored before he finishes his first sentence and turn back to my notebook. I don’t think he notices or cares. I look at my watch, hoping Claire gets back from wherever she went. I wonder what she could be going after now.

Time passes like molasses as I fill in my next entry. I just get to the part with the poem when Claire comes through the door. She had the same pitiful look that she gets whenever she gets a new Object. But this time something was different…

As Claire falls down on a decrepit couch, I notice the contrast between the two of them. Daniel wasn’t the kind of person who you’d think would be on a journey like this. He was middle-aged and fat. Not the best qualities to have as a Seeker. I always assumed that gathering Objects was just a mid life crisis for him. Claire on the other hand, was young, beautiful, and exactly as someone would picture a heroine looking for lost treasures. Too bad for her, these “treasures” cost her dearly.

“Where’d you go?” Daniel slurs. “Out to get another,” she replies through an armrest. “I failed.” Red lights flicker in my head.

“No you didn’t.” I finally put down my notebook. The Mark tells me she was lying, but not what she was lying about. That part always gets to me. “Where were you really?”

She sits in silence to compose herself; she knows me too well. She knows that if I want to know something, I always discover the truth. Just coming out with it is much easier.

“Fine, I wasn’t. I got… contacted…”

“By who? A Holder?”

“I don’t know. But I do know that it wasn’t anything like I ever expected. I was on my way to Mercy Hospital when some child with white eyes came up to me. And it wasn’t just his eyes that put me off, but something about him I couldn’t quite explain. I felt as though I was in a Holder’s realm or something. Anyway, he spoke in this most chilling voice. He wanted to know what I wanted to do with them. Naturally, I said I didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t want to take that for an answer, though. He told me that he knew I wanted to keep the Objects apart. Then he took something out of this cloak and gave it to me and told me the creepiest thing I ever heard. I’ll never forget it.”

“What did he say?”

“And what did he give you?”

“He looked right into my eyes and told me ‘Take this. They’re right to be afraid of you.’ And gave me this.”

They told me later that she took a small pouch out of her pocket and took something out of that. It was a small stone, finely polished and smooth. I don’t remember any of that though. All I remember was the shrieking of the Mark as it showed me the truth behind that item. Now, all I remember from it was a single phrase. This time we’ll protect them.

After that, I slept. When I woke up, Dan and Claire were next to me on a bus. I haven’t yet figured out where we’re going, but those two tell me it’s important. Something about what I was screaming before I passed out. I take out my notebook. This is going to make a very interesting entry.

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