Seeker of Dope

They say that seekers are doomed to an eternity of addiction and suffering, Dave just so happens to be one of those unlucky people. His story begins in a taco-bell down the street from his apartment, where Dave has just suceeded in completing his task to recieve the Chillum of dope. With it comes a message; Object 420: have fun, easy on the sauce. Dave shook his head at this, questioning what great being could have created such a prophetic message.

On his journey home Dave got a little bored, so deciding to test his Object out. Being such a lonely stoner, Bob whips out his little baggy of 'Californ-I-A-Home-grown' and loads it up. He shakily takes his lighter out and lights up.

At first nothing happens and Dave thinks he got cheated, but suddenly he felt his soul being ripped from his body as he enters a void of happiness and poofy-clouds! Dave Enjoys his time here and spends it laughing and trying to remember where he left the remote at. Buuut just as quickly as it began, it ended.

All he knew was falling. Dave was so confused, why was he falling, where had he been, what the hell was going on!

"Hells right sugar-tits!" An eerie voice chanted

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Was the only response Dave could offer.

The eerie voice retorted with a sickening cackle, "E-he-he-he-ho-*cough*-ha-h"

Suddenly Dave hit the ground with such force that his skeleton hopped right out through his feet!

"What horror is THIS!?" Dave exclaimed

"Uh-ah...uhm...yea your in hell."


"No, your due to return to your body riiiggght..."


"No, in about three hours."

Dave became outraged by this statement and began swinging widely towards the voice. His body was found without intestines, bones, or hair. Moral of the story, Marijuana is bad, and only you have the power to prevent a forest fire

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