Adding a Page

To add a page, you can
  • Visit the Create New Page page
  • Search for the page, and if the page doesn't exist, you can click the link provided to create it
  • Follow a link to a page that doesn't exist, and click "edit"
If you wish to add a new Holder's story, be sure to fill in what number the object is when creating the page - this will ensure that it shows up in the correct spot on the Series List page. Please also read the guidelines first.
You can assign "categories" to pages by adding
[[Category:Category Name]]
onto pages - they will then have a link to that category's page, and that category's page will link to them.

Some things, like incorrect page titles, cannot be edited except by the Sysop. If you make a mistake with a page title, create the page again, with the correct title, and put
[[Redirect:New Page Name]]
on the old page. The Sysop will find and delete those pages.

Wiki Code

You may use the following markup in your articles:

Text Markup

  • [b]text[/b] becomes text
  • [u]text[/u] becomes text
  • [i]text[/i] becomes text


  • [[Special:Main]] becomes Special:Main
  • [[Special:Main|Main Page]] becomes Main Page
  • [[]] becomes
  • [[|Google]] becomes Google
  • [[Redirect|Page Name]] will send all visitors to the current page to Page Name instead


  • = Text = becomes


  • == Text == (2 =) becomes


  • === Text === (3 =) becomes


  • ==== Text ==== (4 =) becomes


  • [code]
    | A BOX |
    |containig, perhaps|
    | monospaced text |

    |       A BOX      |
    |containig, perhaps|
    |  monospaced text |
  • :List Item
    ::subject one
    :::bullet a
    :::bullet b
    :::bullet c
    :::subject 2
    :::bullet 1
    :::bullet 2
    :::bullet 3
    :::Second Item
    :::second subject
    • List Item
      • subject one
        • bullet a
        • bullet b
      • subject 2
        • bullet 1
        • bullet 2
    • Second Item
      • second subject
        • bullets
    Note that the final ":/" is IMPORTANT if you intend to type any regular text after your list - if you don't finish your lists with ":/", any following text will be indented as part of the last list item.

  • You can sign your additions with:
    • ~~~~ (four tildaes), which become your username and a timestamp
    • ~~~ (three tildaes), which become just your username
    • ~~ (two tildaes), which become just a timestamp
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