2013-11-26: Spambots attacked! They've been repulsed. Some changes are now in effect:
  1. Editing is restricted to registered users.
  2. All forum posts have been deleted. User accounts were retained.
  3. Many (probably not all) bot accounts on the forums have been deleted.
  4. Forum captcha has been improved.
  5. Wiki database has been reverted to July 1, 2013. If you made changes after that, talk to me and I'll try to pull them out of a more recent backup.
  6. now forwards to my personal e-mail address and flags incoming messages bright and bold.
2010-11-12: I accidentally broke the link to the forums. The link is fixed now, and the forums are accessible again.

2010-03-12: Due to an emergency change in hosts, all user account information for the wiki was lost, on February 18th.

I have just now recovered and restored that data.

If you had an account on BEFORE February 18th, 2010, then your old login information will work - NOT your 'new' information, if you re-registered.

If you registered your account AFTER February 18th, 2010, you will need to re-register your account.

My apologies for the inconvenience :-/

9/8/09: Downloads fixed, again. Rating system added - log in and you can rate any page on a scale from 1 to 5. Ratings may be used in the future to automatically tag or feature certain stories.

8/24/09: New "Help and Support" section on the forums, as well as support for forum avatars. I am aware automatic backups have stopped again, and am working on it. Ratings implemented - make sure you're logged in, and you can rate stories on a scale of 1-5. One vote per person! I will be watching for bugs in the rating system over the next couple weeks, before doing anything major with it.

7/6/09: Would you look at that. We hit over 1 million pageviews a while back.

2/15/09: now has a message board. It will be beautified and fleshed-out in the days and weeks to come.

8/11/08: The .html dump of the series has been working for some time, and now the automated mySQL dumping is back online, too. Also, a "Contribs" link has been added to the top of User: pages, to easily see which Holders a given user has created.

4/20/08: The .html dump of the series has not been working for some time. This is intentional - as this wiki took off, the processing power and time required to format every single page into a .html file stopped being practical. Due to time constraints on my part, I merely disabled it, instead of fixing it. In the next two weeks or so, daily or weekly .html dumps of the series ought to be back online. -Sysop

2/10/08: Pageviews and last update date have been added to the bottom of all articles. - Sysop

1/29/08: Categories have been added. Check out the pages in need of revision. - Sysop

1/18/08: In addition to automated mySQL database backup, you can now download the current state of the series as a single text-only .html file from the Download page. - Sysop

1/1/08: Automated backup of the database and uploading of the backup to Sharebee is done. - Sysop

1/1/08: Added lists to the available formatting options, and an "Advanced Search" page. - Sysop

12/31/07: Added "Next" and "Previous" links to each of the Objects' pages. These links will automatically appear on any Object's page, and point to the next/previous Object in the series. - Sysop
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