That Fateful Call

''In any city, in any country, go to any hospital and ask to visit the one who refers to itself as the 'Holder of Love.' The legends of this Holder have been lost to all time, for no one has ever returned. Fear the love of the end times. If you can steel yourself to press forward alone and without guidance to meet this guardian, and ask the correct question, you will be rewarded with an object of protection both divine and demonic. You may survive the quest yet. This object is 24 out of 538. It longs for the company of the rest.''

"That's a weak story. It's like the guy wanted to follow the trend even though he couldn't think of anything to write."

"No, no... It definitely seems more mysterious than the rest, and there's none of that eternal suffering crap that's being played to death in all the other stories."

"It's implied, isn't it? If you can't press forward or ask the correct question, something bad will happen. This whole story was just a cop-out. He couldn't even bother to describe the Object."

"Hahaha... I guess there's just no impressing you, is there?"

"Why are we even reading from the '' site anyways? Why not the '.org' site? Some of the '.org' site's stories are much more impressive!"

"They're... I don't know. I just feel insulted by how, er, about... um... It's hard to explain."

"Insulted?" pondered Reggie Newrock. "They're just stories. Since when did this become serious business?"

"Just stories? You don't know that!" retorted Amanda Goddin. "For all you know, I might have several Objects of my own!" To emphasize her sarcasm - perhaps a little too much - she took it upon herself to make ghostly "Whooooo..." noises and wave her hands and fingers... in public.

"Amanda, cut that out! People are staring at us!" She obeyed, but perhaps only because she broke into laughter at Reggie's self-consciousness, or perhaps because he gave the order in a loud, hoarse whisper that only served to attract more attention.

"Ahahahaha... Oh, Reggie... You're so cute when you're embarrassed!"

This scene was a common one in Reggie's life. For just over twenty years he had been Amanda's best friend and occasional boyfriend, and the two looked forward to meetings like these every week since they met. It truly is a shame that this one must come to an early conclusion. They probably won't have another meeting like this. Here comes the call.

Amanda needed only to check the caller ID. "Sorry, Reggie, but business calls. I'll meet with you later, okay?"

Reggie watched her with a smile as she waved goodbye and left the library. She looked so serious when that phone was at her ear. What was she saying? Reggie couldn't read lips too well, let alone through the tinted glass of the library window. "Scoop?" "Escape?" "Scalpel?" If only you knew, Reggie. Whatever it was, she looked distressed. Just as Reggie stood up to comfort her, she slammed her phone shut, bolted to the parking lot, and drove off in a hurry.

I hope the poor sap gets over her soon enough. It will take a miracle for her to survive.

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