The Seeker (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 10

Fallen and Risen

His wife was awake when he came home at 11. "Dave, is something wrong? Me and the kids were worried sick!" Dave said nothing as he stared into the stress filled eyes. His wife continued: "Justin called and said that he was worried about you." Dave was not surprised his friend felt guilty, considering that it was he who drove him to his present condition.

"It's just that something came up at work and it is eating my nerves." Dave finally replied. Something was eating at his nerves alright, eating them raw. "Maybe, it's time you took a break? Justin said that you and him should take a little trip. It would be just like the two of you when you were back in college."

Dave thought back to his early college years, when he met Justin and how the two of them would be on the highway all night in the convertible. Two young free spirits, speeding down the moonlit highway. AS he remembered this, he unwittingly allowed a small ray of hope into his troubled mind. "Maybe I'm just blowing this out of proportion. Don't get me wrong, the things I saw were real, too real even. But even I might get away from Them if I avoid them from now on.

"You know what? I think you are right. Call Justin and tell him that were taking a few days off." Dave said with more conviction. His wife let out a tentavive, hopeful smile and kissed her husband goodnight. Dave slept more peacefully that night. The Objects still filled his dreams but they had become silent, preferring to observe this new development. They waited knowing that Dave was already too far gone.

Dave had not come to work the next day. Justin was not troubled, however. Dave was dead tired from his ordeals, and slept throughout most of the day. Dave's wife was happy to inform Justin of this, and also that Dave had agreed to their trip. "Oh it will be a trip all right, Dave my man". Justin thought to himself. Justin really wanted to help Dave. Dave's problem was that he didn't want to be a Seeker, even though he was a natural. Justin knew how much Dave wanted to Seek; Dave just needed a little encouragement. It would be so simple, Dave would do the Seeking, and when that was done, Justin would take them. Justin would see if They really were artifacts of great power, and if there was greater power to be achieved by reuniting Them.

The day of the trip came. As dusk fell, Justin arrived in his convertible. "Is that...?" Dave began to ask. "Got it from my dad's place. It's been a while hasn't it?" Justin answered beaming a bright smile. "Come on get in! I want to beat the traffic!" Dave hurried into the car, waving goodbye to his family on the porch.

Dave and Justin reminesced about their younger years as night slowly crept upon the emptying highway. They stopped a few times looking for their favorite restaurants, mostly unsuccessfully as the economic situation forced many small businesses to close down. As the moon rose, they settled for Benson's Shakes, a 1950's Soda Shop which lingered on. Just as they remembered, the food was bad, but it was filling.

"I't been good so far. Where are we going next?" Dave asked. "It's a surprise. You will like it though." Justin answered simply. They got back into the car and sped along the highway for a while. Passing another car very rarely. Dave felt his anxiety risng, but he tamped it flat without even addressing what may have caused it. He was having a good time; why should he be worried about the Holders? As far as he was concerned that was a phase in his life which was fading away.

Justin steered the car unto a country road and followed it until he reached a sign proclaiming:

Tanner Oaks
Mental Wellness Center

"What kind of place is this, Justin?" Dave asked allowing himself to become more alarmed. Justin didn't answer. He drove on to the roundabout and stopped in front of the lobby. "Alright, this joke's gone far enough." Dave ordered unconvincingly. His hands began to shake as the feelings and memories rushed out from the depths of his brain, and pounded at his skull. "TAKE ME HOME NOW!" He screamed angrily. However, even as he fought the knew he had already lost. The call was stronger than ever, urging his being into uncovering the Objects, urging himm to realize his full potential as a Seeker.

Knowing his defeat, he looked with despair to Justin. Justin sat in his seat calmly looking at Dave, a large smirk on his face. Dave should have expected betrayal, for Justin was also gone, in his stead was a Seeker like Dave. Dave looked away from Justin and stare into the warm lights of the lobby, which were pulling him like a moth to an electric trap. He kept staring at until he heard Justin's voice saying: "Go."

That was the last push he needed. He got out of the car and walked to the doors. He thought about which Holder to ask for, and after dealing with 1 and 2, his logic dictated to go with number 3. He had new purpose now. The game was too beat Justin until he could find a way to escape, if there was any to be found. He would collect Objects, to the best of his ability. Dying would be a mercy in most cases, but it was better to live than to face an uncertain aftrlife.

All these resolutions and convictions solidifed as he approached the desk. By the time he reached he was confident enough. Not unafraid, not conceited, and most importantly not Dave anymore.

He spoke to the attendant:

"I want to see the Holder of Eternity"
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